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Your Document Center Settings give you options for access, setting up categories, and more. You can find them here:

System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Document Center 


Document Categories

If you want to use the Category field when adding documents, this is where you configure which categories are available to choose from. Navigate to:

System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Document Center > Categories

You may add new categories, delete existing ones, and make categories active or inactive. The Code column is for your own internal reference. If a category is Inactive, it will not appear as an option for new Documents. This is often preferable to deleting a category, because deleting a category removes it entirely from all documents that may have it.


When you’re finished making your changes, click Submit at the bottom.

Document Center Settings

This section of your settings lets you control how your staff and constituents upload documents, and some of the parameters for access.

Navigate to: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Document Center > Settings


Allow logged-in constituents to upload documents

If you enable this feature, constituents who log in to your Constituent Login Portal and navigate to the "Share Documents" page will see a link to "Upload a New Document" and be able to view their previously uploaded documents. 


You must add the "Share Documents" standard menu option to your constituent portal drop down. This is configured here: 

System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Front-End Settings > Constituent Login Portal > Dropdown Navigation Options > View/Edit Menu Options.

A staff user must approve the document. Once approved, the file will be available to the user who uploaded the file, and the file will be visible to staff users on the constituent's account page.  Staff users can view and approve documents that have been uploaded by constituents by navigating to:

Document Tab > Home/Dashboard > Documents Uploaded by the Public

Max File Size

This setting lets you configure the size of files both your constituents and staff users can upload. This is useful for preventing people from uploading files that are too large.

Auto Disable member/staff upload/download when exceeding hard disk limit/bandwidth limit:

This setting gives you the choice to cut off uploads and downloads when your organization has exceeded its allotted system resources. Frequently exceeding your allotted resources can result in overage charges from Z2 Systems.

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    Carrie Bergman

    How can we determine our allotted resources and bandwidth limit? 

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    Carrie Bergman

    Ah, never mind, I see it now--it's right at the top of the Document Center home page. (hmm, is that new? lol)

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