Publishing Projects and Accepting Applications

Publishing Projects and Accepting Applications


Publish your Project

When creating or editing you project, check Available Online to Yes.  available_online.png 

This will add it to your public page Project List where people can see it and sign up.

Public Project List

Anyone can apply for your projects by going to your Project List.

Here, they can sort through your published projects and choose which projects they would like to participate in by clicking the check box next to each project and clicking Apply at the bottom of the page.

If you would prefer to link someone to a filtered list of projects, such as only the projects for a certain event, use the filters at the top of the project page to select that event, then link to the resulting filtered url. 

Application Form

After clicking Apply, the applicant will see your Volunteer Application Form. 

  • This form is located in System Settings under Standard Forms: Configure Fields & Sections. You can include Standard Fields, Account Custom Fields and Individual Custom Fields.


  • The same form is used for every project, so applicants can apply for many projects at once.
  • Logged-in constituents will see their current account information in those fields and can update it (unless the field is marked read-only).

My Positions – Constituent User

After submitting their application, the applicant will be taken to the constituent page "My Projects." Here they can see any applications that are pending approval, as well as any projects to which they are currently assigned.  


These statuses will update once a system user assigns or declines the application. Once an applicant is approved, the volunteer is assigned to the project, and the project moves from the Applications area of this page to the Assigned Projects area. 


Approving Applications

You can view everyone who has applied for a project from Volunteer Projects / Applications.


Click Review Application to see the details that the constituent entered into the Application Form and compare them with the Project Details.

From there, you can Assign them to the project, Decline their help, or Email them for more information.


You can also assign applicants to a project from the Project Details page when you Assign Constituents. You will not be able to review their application details in that case, however.


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