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A volunteer is anyone assigned to a project.


Volunteer List
Assigning Volunteers
Reporting on Volunteers
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Volunteer List

The Volunteer list is where you can quickly see everyone who is assigned (or was assigned in the past) to any particular project. Two types of people can be assigned to projects: Constituents and System Users.

You can filter through different kinds of volunteers and projects by using the filters at the top of your volunteer list. 


Assign Volunteers

Once you have created your project, you can assign Employees or Volunteers to contribute to it. You can do that from the Project Details page, from the Account Details page or from the Applications Page.

Assigning from the Project Details Page

1. Navigate to the Projects list and click your project's name to see its Details page.



Click Assign Constituents or Assign System Users



2a. For constituents, a pop-up will appear listing all applicants for this project, as well as an area where you can search through every constituent in your database based on name, account id, or volunteer group.


2b. For system users, a pop-up will appear listing every system user. 


3. Check the boxes next to the people you would like to assign then click Assign to Project


Assigning from the Account Details Page

1. To assign someone to a project directly from their account page, first, navigate to the Volunteer Projects section of their page. 


2. Once there, click + Assign to Project to add them to a project.


3. Projects will be listed by category, or you can enter a search. You can choose several at once to assign.


Assigning from the Application

If your constituent has already applied for a project, you can also click Review Application to review and approve any project applications on their account page or on the Applications Page.


Log in Portal Update

Once a project is assigned to a constituent, it will appear on their My Projects list in the constituent log in portal as an assigned project. From here, they can submit time sheets of their hours, expenses, and mileage. 


Report on Volunteers

Information about volunteers can be filtered and exported directly from the Volunteers List, or you can run a report in NeonCRM to see an in-depth picture of your volunteer's information. 

export_from_volunteers_page.png  or  

The volunteer columns and criteria available in New Reports are: Assigned Projects, Total hours, Total miles, and Total expenses. These totals include the cumulative total of hours, expenses, or miles for all projects. Pending timesheets will not be included in the totals.

You can find Volunteer columns and criteria in the following reports:

  • Mailing Report
  • All Accounts Report
  • Household Report
  • Email Audience Report
  • Donor Report
  • Member Report
  • Event Registration Report
  • Event Attendee Report

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