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Projects are each volunteer opportunity that you would like to track and assign to constituents. You can publish a project so that constituents can apply for it, or keep it private and internally assign. Only System users can create projects, and nobody can be assigned to a project without a system user's approval.


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Project List

The Project List is found in the left-hand navigation under Volunteers > Project List.

Here, you can see summaries of how many volunteers are assigned to a certain project and how many Hours, Expenses, and Mileage have been contributed. Click Select Columns to change what information is shown about each project.

Filters at the top allow you to drill down to more specific projects based on category, event, date, status and whether the project is available for applicants online. 

Totals shown in blue as "Pending" have not yet been approved by a system user. Click these numbers under Volunteers to see pending applications, or under Hours/Expenses/Mileages to see pending time sheets.


If you need to create or edit your project categories, click Manage Categories. 

manage_categories.png     new_category.png

Archived categories will not appear in drop-down lists for adding new projects, but will still be associated with existing projects. Deleting a category removes any associations with the category, but does not delete any related projects. 

Once your project category is created, you can add a project to your category by editing the project.

New Project

To create a new project, click the "New Project" button. 


Enter your project name and other details. 


  • Project Name – This is what the project will be called throughout NeonCRM and on the public Project List.
  • Contact – This is which system user is managing this project. If the system user has an email address in System Settings, assigned Volunteers will be able to contact them at that email address.
  • Category – This is a way of sorting your different projects. To manage categories, see above on the Project List page.
  • Event – Similar to Category, you can organize your projects by associating them with specific events in your NeonCRM.
  • Start/End Date – When the project will be taking place. Projects will not remain on the public Project List after the end date.
  • Status – Whether or not people can still contribute time sheets to the project. Active projects remain available for time sheet submission, even if it is past their end date. 
  • Available Online - This setting determines whether the project will be listed on your public Project List.
  • Location Information - Helps your volunteers sort projects based on location, and of course tells them where to go to help.
  • Description - Your description can contain any additional information that was not available above.

Project Details

On the Project Details page, you can view a summary of project's information, as well as a detailed list of the volunteers assigned to this project. 


From here, you can view how many hours/miles/expenses your volunteers have contributed to this project. As on the Project List, hours/mile/expenses marked as pending will link you to the related time sheets page.

From the Project Details you can also

  • Edit or Delete the project. 
  • Assign constituents and system users (see volunteers guide).
  • Email the volunteers for this project.
  • Set active volunteers as Inactive. They will no longer be able to submit new time sheets for this project and will not be active for this project in reports. Previously created time sheets for this project will be saved.
  • Set inactive volunteers as Active. They will be able to create time sheets for this project and will be included for this project in reports.
  • Delete a volunteer from the project. The volunteer will no longer be assigned to this project and all of their associated time sheets will be deleted. 

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