Volunteer Projects - An Overview

Volunteer Projects

NeonCRM’s Volunteer Projects module is a project and time tracking tool that allows you to manage volunteer and staff projects, track the hours, expenses, and mileage, and see your constituents’ overall involvement with your organization.

Your constituents can apply for your published projects, and if you approve them, they can use your login portal to submit their volunteer hours. 

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Major Changes from our Previous Staff/Projects module

If you were using our Staff/Projects module before 10/17/2015, your biggest questions might be about how this module has changed. Below is an overview:

1. We are embracing this module for use by volunteers. 

Previously, the staff/projects module tried to do too many things, and fell short on many of them.

Now, we are now focusing this module on volunteer projects.

The wording will emphasize clarity for volunteer coordinators. You can certainly continue to track how your system users spend their time internally, but please ask your employees not to be offended if the system occasionally asks them to submit their "volunteer hours." 

  • System users can still be assigned to projects.
  • You can still keep projects unpublished so that they stay internal. 

2. Applicants now apply directly per project.

Previously, constituents had to apply for "jobs," then a system user could assign them to a project.

Now, we've removed that extra step. Constituents apply directly for projects and all a system user has to do is approve them. Previous Jobs have been converted into Projects. 


3. Approved applicants are "volunteers," not "persons"

Previously, if someone was approved for a "job" they gained a status of "person" whether or not they had any assigned projects.

Now, the status of "person" no longer exists. We are replacing this with a status of "volunteer." Constituents and staff will appear on your "Volunteer" List if they are assigned to any specific project. 


4. Volunteer Application Form

Previously, job applicants would see the Create Account form, or, if they were logged in, would only see a field called "Qualifications," which was not accessible anywhere on the back end.

Now, we've created a new form so you can choose what information to collect from applicants.

  • The same form is used for every project, so applicants can apply for many projects at once.
  • This form is located in System Settings under Standard Forms: Configure Fields & Sections. You can include Standard Fields, Account Custom Fields and Individual Custom Fields.
  • Logged-in constituents will see their current account information in those fields and can update it (unless the field is marked read-only).

5. Reporting

Previously, information about an account's projects and time sheets was only available on the staff/projects dashboards.

Now, The Constituent Primary Contact, Mailing, and Email Audience reports include criteria and columns for which projects a constituent is actively involved in, as well as their total hours, miles, and expenses. Like before, you can still filter criteria on each dashboard to view and export more specific results. 

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