Submitting and Approving Hours, Expenses, and Mileage


Time Sheets - Submitting and Approving Hours

The heart of the Staff/Projects module is the ability for contributors to submit their own hours for tracking.


Submitting Hours - Volunteers
Creating and Approving Constituent's Time Sheets - Employees

Submitting Hours - Volunteers

Note: A Volunteer must be assigned to a project by a System User to submit hours in the login portal.

If they are a Volunteer, they do this through the login portal. After logging in, they click on “My Projects” in the navigation menu.


This page will list all projects to which they are assigned and a summary of the hours/expenses/mileage they have contributed to each. (The appearance of this page will vary based on your template copy)

To view specific time sheets or to create a new one, click Time Sheets. 


This will bring up the My Time Sheets page. Here, constituents can view and Edit existing time sheets or create new time sheets for their assigned projects by clicking New Time Sheet.


Constituents will need to select the project they worked on, then which week they were involved, then, they can start entering total hours/expenses/miles for each day. 


Save Time Sheet saves the time sheet with a status of Still Working, indicating the volunteer would like to come back and possibly add more hours.

Save and Submit for Approval flags the time sheet as ready for review by an administrator - i.e. Pending Approval.

Until the time sheet is Approved by a system user, it will remain available for edits by the constituent. 

Creating and Approving Constituent's Time Sheets - System Users

The Time Sheets section of the Volunteers module is for staff users to approve or edit the hours and resources that volunteers have submitted.  

Navigate to: Volunteers > Time Sheets

Use the filters at the top of the screen to view hours submitted by Project, Volunteer, Status, or Time Sheet Start Date.

Filtering the Status to Pending Approval shows you the time sheets that are marked as ready to be approved, though time sheets can be approved from a status of either Still Working or Pending Approval if you need.

Approve time sheets in bulk by checking the box next to each time sheet and clicking Approve


Alternatively, you can view the details of each time sheet before approving it. Click View Time Sheet

From here, you can see the breakdown of what was contributed each day. You can either Approve the time sheet, Edit it, or Email the constituent to ask for more information.  


Editing will give you the chance to adjust what was entered on each day. You can save your edits as 

  • Approved - This is the official amount submitted. It is included in totals calculations and the constituent can no longer make adjustments.
  • Pending - Flags the time sheet as ready for approval by a system user. The constituent can still review and make adjustments.
  • Still Working - The time sheet is not yet ready for approval. The constituent can still make adjustments.


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