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Groups are a quick way to add a pre-built list of Employees or Volunteers to a project. If you’re assigning the same people to projects over and over, you can speed up the process by creating groups. You can build groups of System Users and Volunteers. You can add someone to a group, even if they are not yet assigned to a specific project. 


Creating Groups
Adding Constituents and System Users
Using Groups

Creating Groups

To create a group, navigate to: Volunteers > Groups

From your Group List page, click New Group.


Give your new group a name and a description.


Once the group is created, click the name of your group to open the Group Details page.


Adding Constituents and System Users

Here, you can add constituents or system users to your group.


Add System Users will display a list of all system user to choose from. 

Add Constituents allows a search for constituents based on Name/Email/ID, Assigned Projects, Individual type, or Account Attributes. 


From your search results, you can choose which constituents to add to your group.



Using Groups

Once your group has people in it, you can easily email them all at once. 


Or, use them as a category of people to more easily search for assignees to your projects. 


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