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Blocked Emails

You can see that an email address is opted out (blocked) from their Neon account page. Emails addresses flagged as "opted out" cannot be added to Email Audiences. NeonCRM blocks Campaign Emails from reaching these constituents. However, they will continue to receive all System Emails as well as Sequential Emails. It is not currently possible to unsubscribe from System Emails. However, Sequential Emails can have an Extra Filter added that will exclude opted out email addresses.

An email address can be blocked in the following ways:

1. Opted out by a system user: A system user clicks the email opt-out link for an email address on a Neon account page.

2. Opted out by the constituent:

  • The recipient clicks the Unsubscribe Link in the footer of your campaign email.
  • The recipient marks your campaign email as spam/junk from their email client. 
  • The "Send me email updates from..." checkbox is NOT checked upon submitting a donation via a Social Fundraising Donation Form

3. Opted out due to bounces: Bounced campaign emails - 1 hard bounce (invalid email address) or after 5 soft bounces (e.g., mailbox is full, auto-response, 550 errors, etc).

  • For bounces caused by auto-responses, the email does reach the recipient's inbox so if they eventually open the email then Neon will remove that bounce. While an email address will be opted out after 5 soft bounces, you are welcome to manually opt out email addresses before that time if you notice a large amount of bounces.
  • If a Campaign Email receives a soft bounce and is subsequently opened by the recipient, then the status of that sent email changes from "Declined" to "Succeed". 

Blocked Email List

All email addresses that have been opted out are added to your Blocked Email List. The blocked email list is where you can find a complete list of email addresses that have been flagged as "opted out". This utility is found here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Communications > Blocked Email List.


The Blocked Emails page shows you which emails are blocked and why.

  • The Email column indicates which email address on an individual account is opted out. 
  • Block Type tells you why the email was blocked (e.g., unsubscribed, bounce, invalid address). 
  • Block Method tells you how the email was unsubscribed (e.g., user email unsubscribe, Opt Out by System User). 
Note: If an email address appears on multiple accounts and that email address appears on the block list, then all accounts associated with that email address will have the "opted out" flag and will appear on the block list.

Reports with Email Block Detail

Both the Mailing Report and All Accounts Report contain columns which display information about email blocks associated with your accounts.

Learn more about the various types of reports.

These reports each contain columns that display Block Types of Opted Out or Invalid Address for Individual Emails 1, 2, and 3, and the Company Email, so that you can see which email address on each account has been blocked and why.


Email opt-out by a system user

To opt-out a constituent's email address as a system user, navigate to their Neon account page. Select the Click to opt-out link next to the email address you wish to block.


You will be prompted to confirm this action. Click the Opt-Out Email Address button to proceed. 


This will add the email address to your Blocked Email List and flag the email as Opted out by a system user, as shown in the example below. 


This type of block generates a Click to opt-in link where you can easily re-subscribe an address opted out by a system user. If you do not have permission to view the System Settings tab, then this link will not be visible.

Email opt-out by the constituent

An email address can also be flagged as Opted out by the constituent


You'll notice that the click to opt-in link does not display on the account page for emails opted out by the constituent. You must navigate to the block list and search for the email address if you wish to remove the block. 

Details about this can be found by searching for the email address in your Blocked Email List.  If the constituent opted out by clicking the unsubscribe link from one of your campaign emails, then you can find out which email blast they unsubscribed from (Schedule Id) and on what date (Block Date). Monitor constituent opt-outs from Communications > Email Campaign Statistics.


If you are certain that an email has been added to the block list in error, you can manually opt-in an address by removing it from the block list. This should only be done in cases where the constituent has specifically requested to be opted in. You should not use this tool unless you are certain that the recipient wants to be added back to your email lists and/or was unsubscribed in error in the first place.

Email opt-out due to bounces

You may see an email address flagged as Email opted out due to bounces. This means that email address exceeded the limit of 5 soft bounces or 1 hard bounce.


If you do not have permission to view the System Settings tab, then the Click to opt-in link will be hidden on an account page. 

Monitoring Bounces

For more information on emails opted out due to bounces, search for this email address using the Email Report, which is found here: Reports tab > New Report > Communication & Mailing > Email Report . Use the Email Error Code and Email Error Note columns to find the most detailed bounce explanation.

Learn more about tracking bounces.

Opt-in blocked emails

Email addresses can be manually opted-in, if necessary, by a system administrator from the Blocked Email List, which is found here: System Settings > System Settings Home > Communications > Blocked Email List.

The email opt out flag will be different depending on how it was added (i.e., opted out by the constituent, by a system user, or due to bounces). No matter how it happened, once a flag is added it can only be removed from the Blocked Email List.  Only system administrators have the requisite permissions to opt-in an email address.

You can search for a specific blocked email address by Email or Account Name/ID. Click Remove Block to opt-in an email on your block list. 


You will be prompted to confirm this action. Upon successfully opting in an email address, you will be returned to the Blocked Email List where you can verify that the address has been removed. 


If you are logged in as a system administrator and are viewing a Neon account page, you'll notice that emails opted out by a system user or due to bounces have a click to opt-in hyperlink. This is a quick link that takes you to the block list.

If you do not see the click to opt-in link next to an opted out email address, this means that the email was opted out by the constituent, or you are not a system administrator and thus do not have permission to access the blocked email list.


Selecting the Click to opt-in link will redirect you to the Blocked Email List where the Email and Account Name/ID will be pre-populated with the correct information from the account of origin.


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