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NeonCRM tokens serve as placeholders for dynamically generated account and transaction information. You use tokens when building system emails, system letters and campaign emails. When an email is sent to a constituent or a system letter is generated, Neon will replace the token with the associated data. 

Tokens only work when they are added by selecting them from the Insert <<Token>> drop down menu in the HTML content editor (WYSIWYG), as shown in the example below. 


When you find a token in this list that you would like to add to your email, simply click on the token name.


This places the selected token into your message. 


Additionally, you can search through the list of tokens by using the search box that's located in the upper left corner of the pop up window.


Answers to FAQ

  • When using the test email functionality, Neon will populate the tokens with dummy data. The tokens will be replaced with actual data upon sending the email in real time. 
  • Not all standard fields have tokens. Tokens are only available for certain types of information stored in your database.
  • Tokens are NOT available for any type of custom fields.
  • Bear in mind that the tokens listed will vary depending on the type of email or letter.  If a token is not listed, then it's not available for the type of email you are building. If you try to enter the token manually, it will generate an error. 
  • If you build from an existing email, replace the copied email tokens to avoid any potential problems. This is particularly important if you copy the content from a different type of email than the one you are creating, as different tokens are available for different types of emails. 
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