Unsubscribing from Campaign Emails


Unsubscribing from All Campaign Emails
Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Specific Distribution Lists
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A constituent can unsubscribe from your Campaign Emails in a few ways:

  1. Clicking the unsubscribe URL from one of your Campaign Emails. 
  2. Updating their subscriptions to your Distribution Lists from the Constituent Login Portal
  3. The Send me email updates from... checkbox is NOT checked upon submitting a donation via a Social Fundraising Donation Form

Unsubscribing will add the recipient's email address to your Blocked Email List with a Block Method of User Email Unsubscribe. If the recipient has a Neon account, then the Opted out by the constituent flag will display next to that email address on their account page. 

NOTE:  Unsubscribed emails will continue to receive System Emails

Unsubscribing from All Campaign Emails

A constituent can opt-out by clicking the unsubscribe URL from one of your Campaign Emails. 

The unsubscribe link is included in the footer of all Neon email templates. If you upload your own custom template, you will need to add the Unsubscribe E-mail code snippet to your template. 


Clicking the <<Unsubscribe URL>> token in a campaign email will bring the constituent to your email unsubscribe page, which is shown below. 


Upon clicking the Unsubscribe button, the constituent will see the message below. 


If you are using a device with iOS 10 or higher, you may also click the banner message that appears in Mail to unsubscribe to NeonCRM Campaign Emails.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Specific Distribution Lists

From the Constituent Login Portal, a logged in user can navigate to the Manage Email Subscriptions page from the front end dropdown menu.


Learn how to configure your dropdown menu options here.

From here, the constituent can subscribe or unsubscribe from any of your published Distribution Lists.  

  • Select the check boxes next to the distribution lists to subscribe.
  • Deselect the check boxes next to the distribution lists to unsubscribe. 

Click the Subscribe button to update your email subscription preferences. 


In this example, the constituent is going to unsubscribe from the Special Events list and subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter list.


When a system user looks at the distribution audience, they can see that the constituent's email address has been added to the 'Monthly Newsletter' Distribution List and removed from the Special Events list. 

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