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Membership Due Email
Membership Overdue Email
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Schedule Logic - Will My Notifications Be Sent?
Membership Due Notifications
Membership Overdue Notifications
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Membership Due and Membership Overdue notifications can be triggered automatically by the NeonCRM scheduler based on a constituent's membership's expiration date. To enable the system email or the system letter for either of these reminders, create a schedule for that reminder. To add an additional notification at another point in time before or after a membership expiration, create a second schedule, and so on. Create as many schedules as you need to send your desired series of reminders (e.g. "Expiring in 30 days", "Expiring in 7 days", "1 day overdue", "7 days overdue" etc.)

Membership Due Email

To view and edit schedules for Membership Due emails, navigate here: System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Transaction Acknowledgements > System Emails. Look at the line for Membership Due and click "View Email Schedules".


The next page will show a list of all schedules of this email with some basic information and the status of each schedule.


Days to Remind (also known as Trigger Days) is the number of days prior to the membership expiration date that you would like your email to be sent. For example, if I set the Days to Remind as 14 and my constituent's membership will expire on June 30, they will receive this email on June 16.

From the Schedule List Page, create a new schedule or click Detail to view or modify an existing one.


Membership Overdue Email

Go to System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Transaction Acknowledgements > System Emails and click View Email Schedules next to Membership Overdue to view and configure your membership overdue email schedules.


Days to Remind (also known as Trigger Days) is the number of days after a membership's expiration date that you would like your email to be sent.

In the example below, we've set up a schedule to send out the Membership Overdue email 14 days after a membership has expired. In this case, a member whose membership expires on December 1 will receive this email on December 15.


You can set up conditions and build new versions of the scheduled email in the same way you can for any other System Email.


Membership Due & Overdue Letters

The Membership Due & Overdue Letters are configured separately under System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Transaction Acknowledgements: System Letters.

The Membership Due & Overdue System Letters require an Advanced Day before they can be enabled. For Membership Due letters this determines how many days before the membership is due to add the letter to the mail merge queue. For Membership Overdue letters, this is the number of days after the membership has become due. add_advanced_day_before_enabling.png

Add the advanced day by going to View Settings and Versions next to Membership Due or Overdue. Edit the settings on this page.


While there, you can also check the box for enabling the letter.


Learn how to configure system letters in this guide.

Schedule Logic - Will My Notifications Be Sent?

When the NeonCRM Scheduler runs, it looks for membership transactions with expiration dates that match the Days to Remind setting for each of your Due and Overdue schedules.

However, what if the account associated with that transaction has another membership whose expiration date is later, or a Lifetime membership? Will the email still send or the letter still be added to the mail merge queue?

Membership Due notifications

When the Nightly Scheduler finds a membership transaction that matches the Days to Remind setting of a Membership Due notification, it will first check to see if there are any future enrollments on that account before triggering that notification. A future enrollment is any membership transaction with an expiration date greater than the one found by the Nightly Scheduler, or no expiration date (a Lifetime membership).

If the account has no future enrollments - so the expiring membership is the most recent membership on the account - then the Membership Due notification will be triggered.

If the account has future enrollments, the Scheduler will check for a renewal tracking ID on that future enrollment, which will indicate which membership it came from.

If the future enrollment is a direct renewal of the expiring membership, the renewal tracking IDs on both memberships will be the same, and the Membership Due notification will not be triggered.

Direct renewals of membership can be processed in any of the following ways:

  • The constituent logs in to their existing account and clicks the Renew Now link in their membership status message or on the Membership home page in the Constituent Login Portal.
  • While logged in, the constituent clicks any link to your organization's Membership Renewal form.
  • A system user clicks the Renew Membership button from the Membership History section of the account detail page.

If the future enrollment has a renewal tracking ID that is not the same as that of the expiring membership, the Membership Due notification will be triggered.

An example of why the renewal tracking IDs might not be the same might be that the account has separate but concurrent memberships. Membership A might be up for renewal, requiring a notification, while Membership B is still current and not expiring yet.

If the future enrollment does not have a renewal tracking ID - for example, if it was imported - then the Membership Due notification will not be triggered, even if the future enrollment is for a different membership level than the current/expiring one.

Membership Overdue notifications

No Membership Overdue notifications will trigger if the account has another membership transaction whose expiration date is greater than the trigger date (or a Lifetime membership).

Membership Overdue Letters Only - Additional Restrictions

In addition, Membership Overdue Letters will not be added to the Mail Merge Queue if:

  • The membership is set to auto-renew.
  • The membership is a complimentary membership.

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