External Email Management

External Email Management


External Email Communication
Locating your External BCC Email Address
Using your External BCC Email Address
Sending an Email from an Account Page
External Email Communication History
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External Email Management

This tool is used for tracking external email communications between your staff and constituents in your database.  These are email conversations with constituents that take place in an email program outside of NeonCRM, such as your organization's Outlook or Gmail application. NeonCRM provides a unique BCC Email address that is used for this purpose.

When emailing constituents outside of NeonCRM, you can copy this email address in the BCC field of any email you send. If you do this, the interaction will be stored on the appropriate account record in NeonCRM, provided the recipient's email address has a match in your NeonCRM database. 

Locating your unique BCC email address

You can find your unique BCC email address here:

System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Email > External Email BCC Address


Your BCC email address is found at the bottom of this page, as shown below.


Using your External BCC Email Address

When you send an email outside of NeonCRM, paste this address into the BCC field, as shown below.


*Tip: You might want to create a contact for your BCC email so you don't have to copy and paste the long address into the bcc field each time In the example below, I've added the external BCC email address as a contact named NeonCRM BCC Email.


NeonCRM BCC Email is now listed as one of my contacts .


When I compose an email, I can search for the contact and more easily drop the email address into the BCC field.


Sending an Email from a Neon Account Page

When you click on the email address on an account page, this will open your computer's default email client to compose a new email. The new email will auto-populate with the constituent's email address along with your external BCC address, as shown in the example below. 


Viewing External Email Communication on a Neon Account

When you send an email and blind copy your NeonCRM External BCC Email Address, a copy of your message is stored under the External Email Communication History section of the recipient's Neon account. You can see the date sent, the sender's email address, and subject line. Click on the row to view the message.


NeonCRM only stores text for BCC emails, so any attachments included in the sent email or any links sent as hyperlinked text will not be available here. 

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