Automatic Email Authentication

Enabling Auto-Authentication
Sending Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled
Forwarding Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled (NOT recommended)
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This feature automatically directs a constituent with an existing Neon account to the constituent version of your form upon clicking a link you send in a campaign email. This saves them the time of logging in or re-entering personal information on your public forms. It also helps prevent duplicate accounts from occurring in your system.

Features and Limitations

  • Constituents do not need to have set up a login name and password for their account in order for this feature to work.
  • Auto-Authentication does NOT give the recipient full access to the Constituent Login Portal; they can only fill out the form to which you have linked in the email campaign. A constituent would still need to log in using their account login name and password in order to view/modify their Neon account information and navigate to other sections of the login portal.
  • This feature only works for a specific list of standard NeonCRM forms and for all published custom forms. If a particular standard form you want to link to is not in the list, that means that Auto-Authentication is not supported for that form.
  • This feature is only supported when sending emails directly from Neon.

Enabling Auto-Authentication

This feature is disabled by default. To enable Auto-Authentication Emails, navigate to: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Automatic Email Authentication


Select the checkbox to Enable Automatic-Authentication Emails.


Sending Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled

The following Auto-Authenticated links can be added to your emails:

  • Any link from the dropdown menu lists in the Add/Edit Link window;
  • All published custom forms.

First, add a link to your email.


Clicking the Link icon will open a window that contains two menu options for adding built-in links.


The top menu ("select a web portal") has a list of standard NeonCRM form links, as well as links to any published custom forms you may have created.


The menu below ("select a donation campaign link") contains links to the donation pages of any fundraising campaigns you have created.


Note: If a page you want to link to is not in either of these lists, you may paste the URL of that page into the URL field of the Link window and create the link as you normally would. However, Auto-Authentication will not work with these additional links.

When a constituent receives your email, they will click on the Automatic Email Authentication link...


...and are automatically taken to the Constituent login version of your form.


As a security feature, the constituent does not have access to any other section of the constituent login portal. They can only fill out the form to which you have linked in the email.

If you send the same email to an address that is not associated with an existing Neon account, the recipient will be taken to the Public Access version of your forms.

Forwarding Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled (NOT recommended)

Because Auto-Authentication email links are unique to the constituent who originally received the email, anyone who clicks on those links will be recognized as the original recipient. Therefore, emails that contain these links should not be forwarded to anyone.

When this feature is enabled, we highly recommend that you do the following:

  • Remove the "Tell a Friend" link from any email template that you use for emails containing auto-authentication links;
  • Add a message to any emails containing these links so that recipients know the risks of forwarding the email.

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