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Automatic Email Authentication
Enabling Auto-Authentication
Sending Campaign Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled
Forwarding Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled (NOT recommended)
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Automatic Email Authentication 

This feature automatically directs a constituent with an existing Neon account to the constituent version of your form upon clicking a link you send in a campaign email.  This saves them the time of logging in or re-entering personal information on your public forms. It also helps prevent duplicate accounts from occurring in your system

Answers to FAQ

  • Constituents do not need to have set up a login name and password for their account in order for this feature to work. 
  • Auto-Authentication does NOT give the recipient full access to the Constituent Login Portal, they can only fill out the form to which you have linked in the email campaign. A constituent would still need to log in using their account login name and password in order to view/modify their Neon account information and navigate to other sections of the login portal. 
  • This feature only works for those standard NeonCRM forms available in the list of built-in links. If a particular form you want to link to is not in the list, that means that Auto-Authentication is not supported for that form.
  • This feature is only supported when sending emails directly from Neon. 

Enabling Auto-Authentication

This feature is disabled by default. To enable Auto-Authentication Emails, navigate to: System Settings tab > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Automatic Email Authentication


Select the checkbox to Enable Automatic-Authentication Emails.


Sending Campaign Emails with Auto-Authentication Enabled

Once enabled, it is very simple to take advantage of this feature. Simply create a campaign email, and use the hyperlink button to add links to your NeonCRM forms.


This feature works with all standard NeonCRM forms included in the list of built-in links.** If a particular page you want to link to is not in the list, you may still link to that page, but Auto-Authentication will not work.

**Custom Forms & Surveys will also work if you paste the form's URL in the URL field when adding a link to text.

For this example, we're going to use the standard online donation form.


Constituents simply click the link in this email and they'll be automatically recognized as a logged constituent and linked to their existing Neon account. 


Constituents with existing accounts will be automatically taken to the Constituent version of your forms.They bypass the constituent login page and go directly to the form. 

Constituents who do not already have a Neon account will be taken to the Public Access version of your forms. The same link works for all constituents.


As a security feature, however, you’ll notice that the constituent does not have access to any other section of the constituent login. They can only fill out the form to which you have linked in the email campaign.

Note: We highly recommend that your constituents do not forward auto-authentication emails to other people, as Auto-Authentication emails are unique to the constituent whom received the email. When this feature is enabled, please consider adding a message to your campaign emails so that recipients know the risks of forwarding the email. You might add a message such as: "Do not forward this email to others, as this email is unique to you" or "If you forward or distribute, the links will open a page with your information filled in."

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