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System Emails are automatically generated messages that NeonCRM can send to constituents. These messages are sent in response to a constituent performing some sort of interaction with NeonCRM. While NeonCRM has a predetermined list of automatic system emails, you can configure the content that will appear in each message by building your own versions. 

Your list of System Emails is found here: System Settings tab > System Settings Home > Communications > Transaction Acknowledgements > System Emails

Click View Settings & Versions to see your current versions, or click +Add New Version to create a new version right away.

The Settings and Version page can include up to four sections, depending on the type of system email.  A description of each section is below.

Settings and Versions


Settings allows you to define rules for this particular system email by clicking Edit:

  • From name is the name that will display in inboxes as the sender of this email, i.e. "John Doe."
  • From email address is the email address that will display in inboxes as the sender of this email.
  • Email Subject is the subject line that will display in inboxes, i.e. "Thank you for donating."
  • CC Email is the email address(es) that will be copied on all triggered emails of this type.
  • Bcc Email is the email address(es) that will be blind copied on all triggered emails of this type.

System Default means that Neon will use whatever name, email address, and email subject that you have set in the Edit Organization Profile settings, available at System Settings tab > Organization Profile. A full guide on this profile is available here.



Conditions allow you to define rules for when Neon should send certain versions of your system email.

A full guide on conditions is available here.



Drafts will list all versions of your system email that you have created, but not are not ready to send  yet.  You can still select Edit to continue to working on these versions, or Mark as Ready to indicate you are finished with changes. 

*Once a version is marked as ready to send, it can no longer be edited.*

Versions Ready to Send


Versions Ready to Send will list all versions of your system email that are available for sending. The content of these versions is no longer editable, though the sender information can still be changed. To create a new version, you have three options:

  • Build New Version - this will allow you to build a new version of your system email using our what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Copy an existing version - this will copy the content of an existing version into a new version so you can make adjustments to the existing content.
  • Upload New Version - this will allow you to upload a HTML file and a text file to serve as a new version of your system email

Build New Version

The first screen that appears when you select Build New Version will ask you to select a template. In Neon, a template is the wrapper around your content, including your header and footer. You will define the content for your email on the next page.

Your Neon system will come with one default email template, which will you have to logo in the upper-left corner. You can also create new email templates by selecting the Build / Upload a new email template link. More information on building email templates is available here.

Once you have selected your template, click Next. On the next page, you will enter the content of your system email using Neon's what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor. This editor allows you to add several items to your content:

The highlighted items above, surrounded by << >> are tokens that are commonly used in the Donation Appreciation system email. Tokens are very similar to Microsoft Word mail merge fields. Insert <<Token>> will allow you to add tokens to your email. These will automatically add in appropriate information for each donation. 

Note that Neon does not include a currency sign for the Donation Amount token, so we recommend that you include one in your text. The Donation ID token will include the unique ID number that Neon has generated for this donation, which is required by law in Canada. 


The Build from Existing Email option will allow you to copy content from any Ready to Send system email version to your new version. A full guide on this option is available here.

 Once you have entered your content and tokens, click Next. The next page will show you a plain text version of your email, automatically generated by Neon.

The plain text version is what Neon will send to people who have elected to receive text-only versions of emails via their email provider, such as Gmail or Outlook. The text only version will not include photos, hyperlinks, font sizes/colors, or any other formatting. Sometimes, the conversion process from HTML to text can render additional characters, so review the text only version to make sure it looks good. Then, click Next.


On the next page, you will be able to edit the subject of the email, the internal version name, the From email, and the From name. If you have defined a default Sender Name and Sender Email in your Organization Profile, Neon will automatically complete these fields, but you can change them. Then, click Save.

On the final page, you can send a test version of the email to yourself. Note that some tokens may populate with a fake name or sample amount in the test version, and other tokens won't populate at all. These tokens, however, will work properly in live emails. 

Edit will allow you to go back and make further changes to your version. 

Save Draft will save this as a draft version so that you can come back and edit it later. 

Ready to Send will mark your email as finished and available for sending.

If you wish to make your new version the default version, check the box for Set this email version as the default one before clicking Ready to Send. 

Selecting Save Draft or Ready to Send will return you to the main page for this system email. 

*Please be aware that the system NeonCRM Standard Version of your Event Registration, Purchase Acknowledgement, Document Upload, and Shipping Notice system emails pull in content differently than other system emails. 

The default XML-driven system emails populate content in a more detailed way than is possible through the "Build New Version" feature described below. For this reason, we recommend that you use the NeonCRM Standard Version of these emails rather than building your own version. The content of the NeonCRM Standard Version of the Event Registration email can be copied and new versions created through the "Copy the NeonCRM Standard Version" feature. The rest of these emails cannot be copied to other versions. Read more about this here.

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