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System Emails are automatically generated messages that NeonCRM can send to constituents. These messages are sent in response to a constituent performing some sort of interaction with NeonCRM. While NeonCRM has a predetermined list of automatic system emails, you can configure the content that will appear in each message by building your own versions.

Once you've customized and enabled your System Emails, the default behavior is controlled by your Auto Email Management settings.

System Emails are configured here: 

System Settings > System Settings Home > Communications >Transaction Acknowledgements: System Emails


Types of System Emails

The different types of system emails are broken out into five categories on the System Emails page:

Account Emails


  • Account Registration – sends to a constituent after their account is created.
  • Account Update – notifies a staff user that a constituent has updated their contact information in the constituent login portal. This email is triggered by a logged-in constituent submitting changes to the "Update My Profile" constituent page, which is one of the standard menu options.*Only sends to the BCC emails and not the constituent. 
  • Birthday – sends to a constituent on their birthday.
  • Document Upload – sends to a CC or BCC email address when a constituent uploads a document through the constituent login portal.
  • Reset Password –  message containing a link to create a login name and password or reset a password for an existing Neon account.

Donation Emails


  • Donation Anniversary – sends to a constituent on the yearly anniversary of a successful donation. 
  • Donation Appreciation – acknowledgement email sent to donors after a successful donation.
  • Donation Appreciation - Pay Later – acknowledgement email sent to donors who fill out the donation form, but say they will send payment at a later time. Learn how to enable the option to Pay Later here. 
  • Fundraiser Donation Notification – sends to a social fundraiser when a donation is made to one of their fundraising pages. 
  • Recurring Donation Error Notice – notification of a problem with a recurring donation (e.g., expired credit card).

Event Emails


Membership Emails

Store Emails


Enabling and Disabling System Emails

On the System Emails page, you can enable or disable system emails by using the Enabled switch next to each system email type.


The Off setting will turn off the system email entirely. It will not be sent even if the appropriate trigger occurs.

The On setting means that the system email will send as appropriate depending on the settings selected in System Email & Letter Defaults.

Note: Some System Emails, such as the Reset Password, Shipping Notice, & Purchase Acknowledgement System Emails, cannot be disabled. 

As of 01/30/2016 System Email settings no longer control the corresponding System Letters. Learn how to enable letters here.

Configuring System Emails

Each of System Email type has slightly different settings. You will see two Action options among System Emails: View Settings & Versions or View Email Schedules

All System Emails will be listed here by module with the following options:

  • The Default Version is the email version that will send if no other conditions are met. View it from this page by clicking View next to the name of the Default Version. 
  • View Settings & Versions will show all versions of the email, as well as your settings and conditions for each email or View Email Schedules allows you to create schedules for certain system emails.
  • + Add New Version allows you to create a new version of this email directly from this page. 
  • You can also Enable or Disable the system email directly from this page, as noted above.


System Email Settings

Click View Settings & Versions to see the settings for a system email. 

By default, the settings will pull in your sender information from your Organization Profile. 

To change the settings for all of the versions of this type of email, click Edit. 


Here you can choose which From email address, Email subject, and CC and/or BCC email addresses will be added by default when a new version of this email type is created, or you can go back to to using the system defaults.

Note: If you continue to use the defaults, updates to your Organization Profile will automatically be applied to the emails using the system default.


By adding your staff users' email addresses to the BCC Email field, you can ensure that your staff users receive a copy of the email when it is sent. The BCC Email field accepts up to 250 characters, so you can enter as many emails as you like so long as you don't exceed the 250 character limit. Separate each BCC email address with a comma (no spaces).

Click Next to save your configuration settings.

When you build a new version of a system email, you are given the option to enter the BCC Email for that particular version. If you leave this field blank, then Neon will use the default BCC email from your system email settings. If you DO enter a BCC email address for an email version, then it will override the default setting.

Versions & Conditions

You can set up more than one message for each System Email. These messages are called Versions. You can also set Conditions to tell NeonCRM to send a certain version when a certain circumstance occurs.

Default Version

All NeonCRM systems come with a NeonCRM Standard Version for most of the system emails. The content of the NeonCRM Standard Version of the Event Registration email can be copied and new versions created through the Copy the NeonCRM Standard Version feature. The rest of these emails cannot be copied to other versions. Read more about this here.

Note: There are NO NeonCRM Standard Versions for Event Reminder, Birthday, or Donation Anniversary System Emails.


Creating New Versions

To create your own messages, click on the button to build a new version, or Copy an existing version to start with that version's content and make changes.  You can also copy the content from an existing email after you've already started.

Each different message you create is called a Version

build_new_version.png or copy_an_email.png

Once published, a version's content cannot be edited, but the message settings (subject, sender name, BCC, etc.) can be edited by clicking Edit next to the sender information.


Create Conditions

While only one version can be set as the default for each System Email, you can set Conditions to send different versions to different types of constituents.


The version set as the Default is the one that will be sent out at the appropriate time, when no additional conditions are met. 


The process to set up a conditional system email is:

  1. Create a version of the email that you want to be sent to your specific constituents
  2. Create a New Condition
  3. Specify the Version that will be sent to this group
  4. Specify the conditions that will determine who this Version is sent to.

Calendar Reminders

When editing the message settings for the Event Registration and Event Reminder system emails, you now have the option to Attach Calendar Reminder. When this setting is enabled, Neon will add links to the email so that recipients can add the event to their iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.

System_Email_Settings_Event_Reg.png System_Email_Settings.png

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