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Setting Conditions
Adjusting Condition Precedence
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For each type of System Email (i.e. Donation Appreciation), you can create multiple Versions. One version must be set as the default. However, you can also create Conditions to send different versions depending upon different circumstances. The default version will be sent when no conditions have been created, or no conditions have been met. Conditions are available for the following System Emails:

  1. Donation Appreciation
  2. Event Registration*
  3. Membership Registration
  4. Membership Renewal/Auto Renewal
  5. Membership Due/Overdue
  6. Event Reminder
Note: The Event registration system emails pull in content differently than other system emails. The default XML-driven event registration system email populates content in a more detailed way than is possible by building your own version. Read more about building event registration email versions here.

Setting Conditions

First, you must create a version that you wish to use for your condition. A full guide on System Email Versions is available here.

Once you have built your new version, you can create a condition to tell Neon when to send that version. To do this, go to System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Communications > Transaction Acknowledgements > System Emails, then select View Settings & Versions next to the email type that you want to set the condition for.


Then, in the Conditions section, select New Email Condition. This will display the New Condition page.


First, enter the name of your condition. This is internal and will not be shared with your constituents.


Next, select the version that you wish to send for this condition. Note that this list will only include published email versions.


Note that you can also tell Neon not to send an email when the condition is met by selecting Do not send email for this special condition.

Finally, set the condition under which this version should be sent. In this case, we want the version called Basic Donation Appreciation to be sent when a donation under $100 is made.


If you select multiple items here, all rules must be met for this condition to be met. In the example below, the selected version will send when a donation is under $100 and it is for the Campaign called Annual Giving.


Click Submit to save your condition. On the System Email: Donation Appreciation page, you will see your saved condition along with the criteria being used for it.


Adjusting Condition Precedence

Because you may set up as many conditions for a single System Email as you like, it is possible for a constituent to meet more than one condition with a single action. For example:

  • Condition A is for donations made to the Annual Fund campaign
  • Condition B is for donations more than $500

If a constituent donates $750 to the Annual Fund campaign, they meet both conditions. However, Neon will only send one system email, so you need to set the precedence of conditions so that Neon knows which one to send. To do this, select Edit Precedence of Conditions in the Conditions section.


This allows you to prioritize one condition over another. Use the arrows next to the list to set the priority order of conditions. In this case, if a donation is made that meets both the Appeal TY and Donations Under $100 conditions, Neon will send the version designated for the Appeal TY condition.


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