Common Issues & Solutions

Common Issues & Solutions

  • Try again in another web browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox).
  • Do not use your browser back/forward buttons during data entry in Neon. This can generate errors and result in data loss.
  • Disable your web browser pop-up blocker.

How to Optimize NeonCRM Performance

As you may know, NeonCRM is a cloud based platform.  What is the 'cloud' you ask?  Simply put, the 'cloud' is a collection of servers that hosts & stores data, and is accessed via an internet connection. 

Since the only way to access the 'cloud' is through an internet connection, there are soe things to keep in mind in order to optimize working within NeonCRM.


  • It is imperative that you maintain a constant connection to the internet while working in NeonCRM. Data loss can occur if you have a spotty connection.
  • Monitor the speed and strength of your internet connection by running a Speed Test every so often.
  • Despite having the strongest and fastest internet, it is still possible to encounter slowness when using a cloud based system. Keep in mind busy times of the year (e.g. Giving Tuesday) where many individuals may be accessing NeonCRM. We do our best to anticipate heavy traffic, but it is still possible to encounter slow performance during peak usage. 
  • Never operate NeonCRM in Multiple Tabs while in the same browser session. Doing so can generate errors and result in data loss.
  • When editing anything in NeonCRM, it is best to finish the task before walking away for long periods of time.  NeonCRM will time out after 40 minutes of idle activity and any work done in edit mode will be lost. 
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