Release Notes April 8th, 2017

The April 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type Description
DEV-4540 New Feature

System admins now have access to the Certified Integrations page, which lists all third-party applications that are available to connect with NeonCRM.

This page can be found under System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Third-Party Integrations > Certified Integrations.

DEV-4689 Improvement You can now choose whether or not to include In-Kind donations in the Effectiveness Over Time Report
DEV-4665 Improvement Logged-in constituents can now see if they were marked as having attended an event when viewing their event registration history. Learn how to enable this setting.
DEV-4423 Improvement System users can now choose whether or not to display the "optional donation" field in the Store shopping cart.
DEV-4662 Improvement

You can now see your NeonCRM account contacts and submit a request to update your current Primary Contact, Billing Contact, Web Contact, and Support Contacts from the Organization Profile. 

If you subscribe to Visual Phone Support, then you can see how much Visual Phone Support time you have remaining and a link to schedule a session.

 DEV-4720 Improvement 

Duplicate accounts linked to the same household or organization can now be merged.

When you select "Find Duplicates" from an account page, the "Related Accounts" section will list any matched accounts that are contacts for the same household or organization. Click "Merge Related Accounts" to compare related accounts, or mark them as "Not Duplicates".

DEV-4836 Fix Resolved an issue where System Users were receiving error: "This page isn't working. Chrome detected unusual code on this page and blocked it to protect your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers and credit cards)" when trying to save email campaigns with links to specific pages in Chrome 57's most recent version.
DEV-4774 Fix Resolved an issue where an error message was encountered when creating a donation level without an amount or label. An error message will now display asking for these fields to be populated. 
DEV-4744 Fix Resolved an issue where clicking on "Update my profile listed on the membership directory" link in the Constituent Login Portal, the message to include a photo in membership directory was displaying the "OrgID" instead of the "Organization Name".
DEV-4724 Fix Resolved an issue that allowed an alternate web template to be carried over to forms that do not use alternate web templates. 
DEV-4722 Fix Resolved an issue with the <<Reset Password Link>> token where recipients would be asked to provide an access code when the email expired after 24 hours. Now if a user clicks on the Reset Password Link after 24 hours, they will be presented with a expiration notice and given a link to click to request a new Reset Password Link. 
DEV-4713 Fix Resolved an issue where events with an "Up to" ticket price and wait list is enabled would prevent constituents from registering.
DEV-4678 Fix Resolved an issue where the head of household's account custom field data did not always appear in the output columns of Household Reports.
DEV-4642 Fix Detail page of the Membership Directory displays both field title and content as bold font. Additionally, variation was added to the detail page of the Membership Directory to better distinguish between field labels and content. Field labels will remain bold while content will not be bold.
DEV-4640 Fix Added clarity and logic to deleting a Prefix that is in use. There is now a pop up message when trying to delete a prefix that is in use. This message informs users that this prefix will be removed from accounts if you proceed with deleting it.
DEV-4634 Fix Resolved an issue where accounts still displayed Material/Letter information on their account record, even though the tracking was deleted from the Material/Letter itself.
DEV-4622 Fix When registering for events through the store front, you are now brought back to the store front when clicking Register for Another Event (previously users were brought to the Event Listing Page).
DEV-4611 Fix Resolved an issue where system users were unable to disable membership auto-renewals after they had been declined and the membership had expired.
DEV-4608 Fix Resolved an issue where registrant Event Custom Fields would display on the Event Summary Page, even though the field was not included on the form. 
DEV-4177 Fix Resolved an issue where the Campaign, Fund, and Purpose criteria were populated by default when creating System Email/Letter conditions. These will now be blank when setting up a new condition. Logic was also added to the Blank/Not Blank operators that prevents a user from selecting an item from the adjacent drop down menu.
DEV-3859 Fix The Retrieve Event Attendees API request will, by default, now include the Registration Date.
DEV-3589 Fix Resolved an issue in the back end where when creating a recurring donation for an account, transaction information already filled in would be lost when switching to paying by E-Check.
DEV-2781 Fix Resolved an issue where Individual Custom Fields were not populated when using the createIndividualAccount API request.
DEV-1434 Fix Resolved an issue where In-Kind Batch Donations populated the amount field instead of Fair Market Value. In-Kind Batch Donations will now have a $0.00 amount and place the donation in the Fair Market Value.
DEV-1433 Fix Fixed an issue where the Last Enrollment Date for a membership or event would be blank if the payment on the latest membership or event was listed as Deferred.
DEV-4558 Fix Resolved an error accessing split donation records with soft credits. Now if you split a donation that has a soft credit, the soft credit will also be split and applied to each separate record.


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