Release Notes January 13th, 2018

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the January 2018 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-4692] When scheduling an Email Campaign, users now have the option to choose not only the delivery date, but also the delivery time and time zone.
  • [DEV-5813] Adds a "Mission Control" link above the "Account" tab in the left navigation menu & changes the page title to "Mission Control Dashboard".
  • [DEV-5799] NeonCRM now has an integration with DonorDrive. Contact NeonCRM Technical Support for more information.
  • [DEV-5629] Updates declined credit card error messages for Neon Payment Processing to be more clear.


  • [DEV-5912] Fixes an issue where NeonCRM was sending the CVV2 field as "null" to PayPal Pro which caused transactions to be declined.
  • [DEV-5911] Fixes an issue where the Household Report displayed incorrect data for Yearly Amount columns.
  • [DEV-5894] Fixes an issue where importing accounts and donations with the donor name and address in each row and the first column in Date format produced an error in the account import step.
  • [DEV-5870] Updates the Neon Payment Processing "Description" field to include a summary of all items in the shopping cart, along with the account ID and email address, instead of listing the name and ID of each item.
  • [DEV-5845] Fixes an issue where the Household Report returned incorrect totals for the 2016 and 2017 amount & count output columns.
  • [DEV-5800] Fixes an issue where the "Previous" button was included on the first page of a Automatic Email Authenticated form, which resulted in a system error when clicked.
  • [DEV-5798] Fixes an issue where the "State" field on Membership Directories displayed the state name in all caps.
  • [DEV-5794] Fixes an issue where Custom Object emails were not sent for records created via the API.
  • [DEV-5788] Fixes a display issue where Event Registration Discounts with a defined applicable group had only one trailing zero instead of two.
  • [DEV-5781] Fixes an issue where a system error was encountered when the "Activity Custom Status" column was added to a Mailing Report or All Accounts Report without including the "Activity Priority" column.
  • [DEV-5723] Fixes an issue where widgets that were set to use "Fiscal Year" did not display correct data if the "Fiscal Year" setting was deselected in the Organization Profile.
  • [DEV-5699] Fixes an issue where the "Total Amount" for an Event Registration record was re-calculated incorrectly after a partial refund was issued with Neon Payment Processing.
  • [DEV-5693] Fixes an issue where the "Soft Credit Recipient Account ID" & "Registration Soft Credit Recipient Account ID" exported to Excel or CSV as HTML.
  • [DEV-5686] Removes the "Payment Status" and "Payment Note" Output Columns from the Matching Donation Report.
  • [DEV-5666] Fixes an issue where the "Membership Due" system email would still send if the account renewed the membership to another term and enabled Auto-Renew.
  • [DEV-5653] Fixes an API issue where the"createCustomObjectRecord" API call encountered an error randomly when providing a valid Account ID as a value for a Master-Detail (Account) Custom Field.
  • [DEV-5623] Fixes a Custom Objects issue where dropdown field values could not be reordered.
  • [DEV-5406] Fixes an issue where there was no data type validation when doing a Self Import (or Account Batch Update) where there was an Account Custom Field with the Data Type of "Date".
  • [DEV-4355] Updates the "Mark Attendance" utility to match the current reporting interface.
  • [DEV-4971] Adds the option to select your desired payment gateway when setting up a Recurring Donation Schedule or Auto-Renewing Membership through the back-end of NeonCRM (only when the Multiple Gateways setting is enabled).
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