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Is your website holding your organization back? Our Web Studio team answers audience questions and offers suggestions on how to make your website a powerful resource. 

Plus: tips on when a link should open in a new window, how to structure your website's menu bar, and how to make sure your website doesn't date itself with visual design!

This webinar was held on March 15th, 2017.



You can download the slides used in this webinar here: Ask a Website Expert Webinar.pdf

Contents & Additional Resources

  •  A challenge many non-profits face is that
    1. their site needs to provide resources to multiple types of people with different goals and
    2. the website is difficult to navigate.
  • A solution: start with stories.
    • Think about the types of people who visit your website currently and people you want to visit your site and describe them. Note what your goal is in that relationship. This is called creating "personas."
  • To create your personas, consider your website's visitors and answer the following questions:
    1. What brought them to your website?
    2. What goals do they have?
    3. What goals do you have for that visitor?
    4. Are there any special considerations this particular type of visitor requires?
    5. What pages do I need to favor one type of visitor over another, or when should there be a page for a specific type of visitor?
  • If you already have a Neon Inspire site, here are the relevant Support Center Guides
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