Release Notes December 16th, 2017

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the December 2017 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5573] Adds the ability to change the Admin Message widget size to two-columns and automatically hide content exceeding the 500px height limit. 
  • [DEV-5667] Adds a "Multiple Event Registration" system settings page that can be toggled on/off. Adds a "Set default time zone" link to the right of time zone selector when creating (or editing) an Event or Activity. 
  • [DEV-5742] Adds the ability to complete API payments to Neon Payment Processing.
  • [DEV-5567] Adds Recurring Donation Schedule search criteria & output columns to the Donation Detail Report & Donor Report.


  • [DEV-5655] Adds help text to the "Donor Upgrade/Downgrade Stats" widget as well as a column header for "Metric".
  • [DEV-5581] Updates the "Honor/Memory Name" field on the Donation: Create page to use the same value selector as the "Campaign", "Fund", and "Purpose" fields.
  • [DEV-5796] Fixes an issue where statistic <<Token>> types did not display in the received Email Campaign if the Campaign Email was created by uploading an HTML file.
  • [DEV-5782] Makes the following wording changes to the Transaction Report to better reflect the captured data: Changes the "Transaction Last Modified" and "Transaction Created" Output Columns to "Payment Created Date" and "Payment Last Modified Date
  • [DEV-5776] Fixes an issue where the "Card Number" field did not display on the "Credit Card Form" when using Classic Markup & Neon Payment Processing.
  • [DEV-5744] Fixes an issue where MailChimp Email Communication History would not sync to NeonCRM for MailChimp email campaigns that were scheduled in advance.
  • [DEV-5668] Changes the "Household?" Output Column name in the Household Report to "Record Type". Also fixes an issue where this Output Column did not display any data for Organization Accounts.
  • [DEV-5643] Fixes an issue where the "Fundraiser Donation Notification" System Email was available when the "Social Fundraising" module was not enabled.
  • [DEV-5642] Fixes an issue where several Household related Output Columns did not display the correct data for Households vs. Accounts. Also updates the name of these Output Columns to better convey what data is displayed.
  • [DEV-5637] Fixes an issue where databases without the Events module did not have access to the "Campaign Stats" widget on the Dashboard.
  • [DEV-5636] Adds "Zip Code" as a system default "Output Column" for the Mailing Report.
  • [DEV-5633] Fixes an issue where any front-end forms using an Alternate Web Template displayed "Public Page" in the browser tab & toolbar. When you build a new web template in NeonCRM, the HTML title will now default to the "Organization Name" listed in your Organization Profile.
  • [DEV-5632] Fixes an issue where logged-in constituents could make changes to Event Custom Fields even if the option "Read only (prevent logged-in constituents from editing this field)" was selected.
  • [DEV-5630] Fixes an issue where deleting an account while adding it as a Household Contact via the Duplicate Manager created a Household that generated a system error.
  • [DEV-5628] Fixes an issue where NeonCRM Credit Card Processing Fees for transactions were not syncing to QuickBooks' Sales Receipts.
  • [DEV-5616] Updates the Product Option configuration page to make "Option Name" a required field. Also updates the validation error messages that display when trying to save this page without populating the required option names or creating at least one active option.
  • [DEV-5615] Fixes an issue where event thumbnails did not display for NeonCRM event links that were shared on Facebook due to an Invalid URL error.
  • [DEV-5607] Fixes an issue where transactions from an account record with a curly apostrophe ( ’ ) in the constituent's name were not able to sync to QuickBooks.
  • [DEV-5604] Fixes an issue where the displayed "Options" for Account Custom Fields did not update their display order as expected on Custom Forms.
  • [DEV-5597] Fixes an issue where "Inactive" External Materials were displayed when adding a New Material from an account page.
  • [DEV-5565] Fixes an issue where NeonCRM OAuth generated an error due to validation when an unusual top-level domain was used in a redirect URL.
  • [DEV-5528] Fixes an issue where campaigns that were linked to an inactive Parent Campaign were not available when entering Batch Donations.
  • [DEV-5519] Fixes an issue where the "Next Payment Date" was always advanced to the next date. Logged-in Constituents now have the option to advance the "Next Payment Date" or keep it the same.
  • [DEV-5450] Fixes an issue where the "Membership Due" & "Membership Overdue" System Letters did not send when the System Email version was disabled.
  • [DEV-5345] Fixes an issue where the "Household All Membership Amount" & "Household Membership Amount 2017" Output Columns in Household Report did not reflect applied discounts when the membership renewal contained a sub-membership join/renew.
  • [DEV-5262] Updates the Event Registration Report & Event Attendee Report:
    • Adds the below to the Event Registration Report:
      • "Session Ticket Name" Search Criterion.
      • "Session Ticket" Output Column. Outputs both the Event Session Ticket Name & Price.
      • "Event Ticket" Output Column. Outputs the Event Admission Ticket Name & Price.
    • Adds the below to the Event Attendee Report:
      • "Session Ticket Name" Search Criterion.
      • "Session Ticket"" Output Column. Outputs both the Event Session Ticket Name & Price.
      • "Event Ticket Price" Output Column. Outputs the Event Admission Ticket Price. (Pair this with the "Event Ticket Name" Output Column).
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