Release Notes March 10th, 2017

The March 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description
New Feature DEV-2679 The System User List now includes the option to "Deactivate" and "Activate" a user to revoke or restore their access to NeonCRM. Deactivated users cannot log in to NeonCRM, but they can be reactivated if you wish to restore their access at a later date.
Fix DEV-4775 Resolved an issue that prevented some survey data from exporting to Excel.
Fix DEV-4749 Resolved an issue where exporting a shared member report with multiple search groups to CSV would display a different number of results than the Excel export.
Fix DEV-4673 The Credit Card expiration date fields on online payment forms will now default to 01/17.
Fix DEV-4668 Resolved an issue where receipt entries were not displayed in chronological order. Selected transactions will now display in chronological order, with the oldest transaction on top. 
Fix DEV-4639 Resolved an issue where URLs for hyperlinked text would display when choosing Print this Page on Event Pages. The URLs no longer display when printing Event Pages. 
Fix DEV-4631 Resolved an issue where a 500 Error was encountered when trying to delete a contact from an organization when that contact was listed on any transaction records or activity/grant/prospect/invitations.  Contacts associated with any records can now be deleted and the associated records will transfer to the Primary Contact.
Fix DEV-4630 Resolved an issue where validation would not occur when setting the start date of an Activity to be later than the end date.
Fix DEV-4629 Resolved an issue where the columns for ticket details of an event (when using Multiple ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket) would display incorrect amounts.
Fix DEV-4625 Resolved an issue where a "Pending" donation and error would occur when a recurring donation schedule is created and deleted, then the "Donate Now" button in the Constituent Login Portal is clicked. The deleted Recurring Donation schedule no longer appears on the client's record.
Fix DEV-4621 Resolved an issue with the Additional Contact Report where the "Contact Type" column had a value of  "Organization Contact" instead of "Organization Primary Contact" for a captured primary contact record. The output column now correctly identifies the primary contact.  
Fix DEV-4615 There is now an option to "Check/Uncheck all" search results when adding constituents or system users to volunteer groups, or when adding groups to a volunteer project.
Fix DEV-4614 Resolved an issue where the appropriate Calculated Shipping Options were not displayed when shipping to the country Russian Federation. Applicable shipping options will now be presented.
Fix DEV-4613 Resolved an issue where the "Created" date/by on an account record changed when converting an account. The logic was changed to now only update the "Last Updated" date/by information.
Fix DEV-4610 Resolved an issue where NeonCRM's nightly scheduler would send Activity Reminder Emails even though the activity was marked as completed.
Fix DEV-4589 Resolved an issue where the Fund column of an exported Excel spreadsheet from Recurring Donations was not populating with data.
Fix DEV-4579 Resolved an issue where Custom Field data was not populating accurately in the Donor Report. Implemented smarter logic so that the donation record that meets the search criteria is always displayed in the report results and If more than one donation meets the criteria, then Neon will display the most recent donation that meets the criteria.
Fix DEV-4578 Added logic that prevents a System User from deactivating their own account.  
Fix DEV-4567 Resolved an issue where Campaign Emails that were sent immediately could not be deleted on the day they were sent.
Fix DEV-4566 Added a limit of 1024 characters to multi-line text account custom fields for Custom Forms/Surveys.
Fix DEV-4564 Added "Phone Full Number" as a search criteria to the All Accounts Report and Mailing Report and made it available to the API.
Fix DEV-4563 Resolved an issue where the Tender Type would remain as PayPal after cancelling out of a PayPal Standard transaction and completing the transaction as "Credit Card (Online)".
Fix DEV-4554 Resolved an issue where the start and end dates of sessions in copied series of events were not matching the start and end dates of the copied events.
Fix DEV-4553 Resolved an issue where account records could not be batch updated if a blank cell existed in the source column of the spread sheet. 
Fix DEV-4552 Resolved an issue where syncing multiple products in a shopping cart to QuickBooks would only send over one Service Item or Class for all products in the Invoice or Sales Receipt.  Multiple products in the same shopping cart will now sync to QuickBooks with their respective Service Items and Classes. If each product has a different Deposit-to account mapped, the account earliest in the alphabet will be selected for the Payment or Sales Receipt.
Fix DEV-4549 Resolved an issue where Archived Events still displayed in Events search filter on Project List page. Archiving an Event will trigger a message informing a System User the associated Volunteer Project will also be Archived.
Fix DEV-4455 Added validation to the Import Manager that prevents system user accounts from being batch updated. An error message will be displayed if the account ID of a system user is contained in the spreadsheet being used for the update. 
Fix DEV-4416 Resolved an issue where QuickBooks' Categories were listed as available mapping options for Service Items when they are not supported for syncing. Please Note: Categories will still appear if they were downloaded prior to this release. Updating your list of Service Items will remove any listed categories.
Fix DEV-4388 Resolved an issue where the Primary Contact of a Household could not be added as a Secondary Contact in a different Household.
Fix DEV-4238 Resolved an error that would occur when a "Token Name" was entered on a Custom Form that shares the same name as the Form Acknowledgement Email.
Fix DEV-4223 Resolved an issue where transactions would not sync to QuickBooks if the NeonCRM account record had a single curly quote in the name.  
Fix DEV-3843 Resolved an issue where double clicking "Save Payment" when processing transactions as a system user would sometimes result in duplicate transactions or lost transaction data.
Fix DEV-3729 Resolved an issue that prevented User Groups from being deleted. Deleting a user group that has been assigned to a user will generate a prompt stating that these users will be reassigned to the standard 'System Users' group.
Fix DEV-3586 The "Find Duplicate" and "Print" buttons on Organization Accounts are now arranged in the same order as they appear on Individual Accounts. 
Fix DEV-3490 Resolved an issue with household memberships, where deleting a household contact from the contact's account page would not properly end a "child" membership held by the contact.
Fix DEV-2946 Resolved an issue where the content of the State Free Text field that is populated on the Store Checkout Buyer Info Form did not carry over to the Store Checkout Shipping Form when making a purchase through the front end store.
Fix DEV-3006 Resolved an issue where, after an expired activity is edited, an Activity Reminder Client Email was sent if the "Send email to the activity System User" or "Send email to the activity Account" options were selected on the activity.
Fix DEV-4709 Resolved an issue where Mailchimp communication history was appearing on the Neon accounts of constituents who had not yet subscribed to the list when the email was sent.


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