Release Notes November 18th, 2017

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the November 2017 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5514] Adds the below parameters to the updateCustomObject & createCustomObject API Methods:
    • customObject.addToNeonLeftMenu (boolean)
    • customObject.createWebhook (string)
    • customObject.updateWebhook (string)
    • customObject.deleteWebhook (string)


  • [DEV-5663] Fixes an issue where an error occurred when mapping the "Account" field in a Report-Only Email Audience to "User ID".
    • The "User ID" Output Column is no longer available in the "Email Audience Report" as well as the "Report-Only List" Email Audience.
  • [DEV-5625] Fixes an issue where adding Prospect related search criteria to any group in an All Accounts Report restricted the results to only accounts with prospects.
  • [DEV-5619] Fixes an issue where the incorrect error messages were being displayed.
  • [DEV-5613] Fixes an issue where Name Prefixes that contained a single quote ( ' ) could not be deleted or updated.
  • [DEV-5612] Fixes an issue where Custom Forms & Surveys that had an option selected for the "Support Payment" field could be saved with the "Create Accounts" option set to "No" by using the Tab and Arrow keys to select the field and option.
  • [DEV-5601] Adds the "Prospect Solicitor" Output Column to the Prospects Report.
  • [DEV-5600] Removes the popup message displayed when activating or editing a payment gateway and replaces it with a confirmation notification ("Payment Gateway settings saved.") that displays on the Payment Gateways page.
  • [DEV-5593] Fixes an issue where the "Payout Summary" link in the "Neon Payment Payout Complete" automated email produced a system error when clicked.
  • [DEV-5584] Fixes an issue that caused errors to be encountered when trying to register for events through front-end forms.
  • [DEV-5575] Fixes an issue where "Inactive" Recurring Donation Schedules appeared in the results of the All Accounts Report when the search criteria was set to Recurring Donation Status is Equal to 'Active'.
  • [DEV-5574] Updates the confirmation dialog that appears when submitting a Recurring Donation through the back-end of NeonCRM.
  • [DEV-5572] Adds a message that warns System Users that changing the "Source" on one item in the cart (donation, membership, or event registration) will also change the "Source" for the entire shopping cart.
  • [DEV-5566] Fixes an API issue where the "retrieveIndividualAccount" API request did not include the "shippingDeliverTo" response parameter.
  • [DEV-5564] Fixes an issue where the "Date" column on the Activity List widget was not sorting by the full date format of mm/dd/yyyy.
  • [DEV-5562] Fixes an issue where apostrophes were duplicated when performing a Self Import or an Account Batch Update to a custom field with the "Display Type" of either "One-Line Text" or "Multi-Line Text".
  • [DEV-5554] Fixes an issue where a donation record had an "Acknowledgee" whose account was "Super Deleted" reappeared in the "Donations to Reconcile" list.
  • [DEV-5552] Adds the "Event Topic" output column and search criterion to the below reports:
    • Event Summary Report
    • Event Registration Report
    • Event Attendee Report
    • Event Session Attendee Report
    • Event Session Registration Report
    • Attendee Waiting List Report
  • [DEV-5538] Fixes an issue where Email Templates could not be deleted if they were used for a "Form Acknowledgement" System Email of a deleted Custom Form.
  • [DEV-5537] Fixes an issue where donations made via front-end forms did not combine with donations made via the back-end by the same donor on both the New & Classic Campaign Thermometers.
  • [DEV-5535] Fixes an issue where actions taken on front-end forms were not visible to System Administrators in the Action Log.
  • [DEV-5532] Fixes an issue where searching on Individual Custom Fields in the Additional Contact Report returned zero results if the qualifying Individual Account was not the primary Household Contact.
  • [DEV-5523] 
    • Adds "Email subject" as a required field when uploading a Sequential Email or System Email.
    • Updates wording when configuring the message settings for System Emails, Campaign Emails, Sequential Emails, & Custom Form Acknowledgement Emails to use consistent terminology; including: Email name, Email subject, From name, From email address, BCC email address, and CC email address.
  • [DEV-5515] Fixes an issue where the Membership Stats widget didn't reflect discounts in the "Revenue" column.
  • [DEV-5513] Removes NeonCRM standard individual fields from organization versions of front-end forms.
  • [DEV-5444] Fixes an issue where the "Membership Due" & "Membership Overdue" System Letters were not being removed from the Mail Merge Queue after deleting the associated membership record.
  • [DEV-5432] Fixes an issue where the "Household Name" & "Household Salutation" fields remained populated after removing the Individual Account as a Household Contact through the Constituent Login Portal.
  • [DEV-5430] Fixes an issue where HTML tags were displayed with the content of the "Event Description" column when exporting the "Event List".
  • [DEV-5417] Changes the "Next" button when creating a new Account and adding a Membership at the same time to say "Create Account & Continue".
  • [DEV-5351] Fixes an issue where clicking "View Household" displayed incorrect data if there were "Matched Pledges", "Split Donations", or "Event Registrations" with multiple attendees associated with the Household.
  • [DEV-5179] Fixes an issue where the statuses of "Refunded", "Partial Refund", & "Dispute Lost" were appearing as available "Values" for "Search Criteria" in reports when Neon Payment Processing was not enabled.
  • [DEV-5088] Updates the report logic so that the "Payment Status" output column pulls in data from the most recent payment that meets the criteria instead of pulling from the first payment record by default.
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