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Building a New Page
Editing an Existing Page
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Pages in your Inspire website are place where your site viewers will go to find out information about your organization. Pages are generally static, they may be updated and edited from time to time, but the style and quantity of pages often does not change. Pages are often linked in your menu, but can be linked from other pages on your site as well. This guide will walk through how to build and edit individual pages on your Inspire site.

Building a New Page

To build a new page, this can be done from either the front-end or the back-end of your Inspire site. From the back-end, you can access the Pages Menu from the black menu on the left side of the screen. You can view All Pages or Add New. From the front-end, you click the New option in the top black menu bar and choose the page option.

When you choose Add New Page, you will be taken to this screen.

The first step, is to give your page a Title. Once you have given the page a title, you can choose to edit the page from the Text Editor or from Page Builder. Most users will find the Page Builder option to build their pages to be more user and design friendly.

Tip: Page Builder has a series of guides available to provide specific instruction on how to navigate this tool. These are extensive and can answer many specific questions relating to specific tools or modules.

On the right hand side of the screen is 3 boxes: Publish, Page Attributes and Featured Image.

Publish: There are 2 primary options here: Save Draft and Publish. Save Draft allows you to create a draft of the page, meaning that it can be edited in the future before it is Published. Publish allows the page to be considered live. The live page will have a unique URL and can be added to your menu or used as a link.

The remaining options are as follows:

  • Status: Draft means this page is still in progress, Pending Review is a page that has been marked by a Contributor to be reviewed and Published by an Administrator.
  • Visibility: Public means available to everyone, Password Protected means available to anyone who you share the password with, Private means available only to Administrators.
  • Publish: you can choose to publish a page at certain date and time.
  • Readability: Yoast SEO will also assist with the readability of your page, more information is found here
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization, more information is found here.

Page Attributes: More information can be found directly from Wordpress here.

  • Parent: This allows you to nest your pages in hierarchies. 
  • Template: This allows you to remove the Header/Footer or Sidebar (if you have added one) to your page.
  • Order: This edits the order your pages are displayed in.

Featured Image: This is not used on pages, but will be used on posts. Find out more information on posts here.

The bottom section of the Page Creator is related to Yoast SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which can help your pages appear higher in search results. More information about Yoast SEO is available on their website here.

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Editing an Existing Page

To edit an existing page, you can also do this from the front-end or back-end. From the back-end, as you hover over the name of a page, a menu will appear and you can select edit. From the front-end, you have 2 options: Clicking Edit Page in the black menu, will take you to the Text Editor. While, clicking Page Builder will take you to user friendly, drag and drop editor.

Instructions on how to navigate Page Builder are found in this guide: Using Page Builder on your Inspire Site.

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Tip: Still confused about posts vs pages? Take a look at this great explanation from WordPress.


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