Preparing for Your Annual Fundraising Event


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This recorded webinar will advise you on how to prepare for your annual fundraising event, specifically how to maximize your fundraising potential.



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Contents & Additional Resources

Before the Event:

Tip 1: Spark Passion, Be Creative with your Marketing Materials

  • Utilize marketing materials & know when to hire a professional


  • Don’t be afraid to “brand” your event: create guidelines around images, graphics, colors and fonts

  • Start early

  • Have a targeted marketing plan

Tip 2: Connect your Event to a Fundraising Campaign

  • In Neon, by creating a Campaign, you will be able to see the money from both donations and event registrations 
  • People can make additional donations on your event registration form that will be directed to that campaign 
  • You can use a separate donation form your event and ask people to donate if they don't attend

Tip 3: Engage your Board of Directors or Event Committee 

  • Use Neon saved reports to show how your ticket sales and donations are going
  • Engage your Board or Committee as Social Fundraisers

Tip 4: Use Neon Event Sessions for additional paid options

  • Can you find a way to monetize additional pieces of your event?
    • Tshirts?
    • Alcohol Packages?
    • Mulligans at a Golf Tournament?
  • Be creative! Find ways to cover your costs or charge for add-ons that don’t cost you money.

At the Event:

Tip 5: Be prepared to take credit card donations at the event

Tip 6: Recognize your Monthly Donors

  • Include recognition for your monthly donors at the event and you'll achieve two goals at once: solidify the donors' standing in your organization and encourage new gifts.

After the Event:

Tip 7: After the event, thank your attendees and donors

  • Decide on your strategy to thank your donors before the event or it will get delayed in the post event cleanup
  • Thank people for attending and celebrate what you raised together
  • Make it immediate; have an email scheduled to send a day or 2 after the event
  • If you use Neon Email Audiences and Campaigns, you can create your Email Audience based upon Event Attendees and schedule an Email Campaign to send a day or two after the event. Your Email Audience will dynamically update with any last minute attendees that are added to your Neon system before the email sends.

Tip 8: Find a special way to thank you Board of Directors or Committee Members

  • Hand written notes are always appreciated!
  • Are there program participants who could write thank you notes?
  • Recognize their contribution in your newsletter.
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