Release Notes October 21st, 2017

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the October 2017 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-5458] Adds a new Prospect Report under Reports tab > New Report > Activity & Prospect
  • [DEV-5477] Updates the design of the "Scheduled Duplicate Scans" widget to better and more accurately display the configured scans and results.
  • [DEV-5474] Updates the "Activities List" widget to allow the "Limit By Status" and the "Limit By Priority" options to have multiple values selected.
  • [DEV-5462] Adds "Recaptured Donors" and "Reacquired Donors" to the Donor Retention Stats widget.
  • [DEV-5456] Adds a hyperlink to the respective report results to the "# items" for the following Dashboard widgets:
    • Campaign Stats
    • Social Fundraisers Stats
    • Event Stats
    • Activity List
  • [DEV-5436] Updates the the Effectiveness Over Time executive report so that the "Retained Donors" and "Reactivated Donors" metrics use the below formulas:
    • Retained Donors: Donors who gave last year and again this year.
    • Reactivated Donors: Donors who gave two years ago and gave this year, but not last year.
    • Past Effectiveness Over Time executive reports will *NOT* reflect this update.
  • [DEV-5433] Updates the "createCustomObjectField" API method to include the "fieldApiName" parameter in the response.
  • [DEV-3285] Adds links to the attendee count under the "Event Sessions" section of the event detail page that will bring users to the Event Session Attendee Report.
  • [DEV-3239] Updates Honor/Memory wording under the Fundraising tab for consistency and clarity.
    • Changes "H/M" to "Honor/Memory" on all pages and links under the Fundraising tab
    • Removes the redundant "H/M Donations" link from the left menu tab."


  • [DEV-5583] Fixes an issue where the Encouraged Login modal would not work if the donation page was using an Alternate Web Template that included <table> tags and was set to a one-page navigation flow.
  • [DEV-5577] Fixes an issue where the "Quantity" and the "Transaction Item Description" output columns in the Transaction Report increased in value based on the amount of Individual Types that had been selected on a captured account.
  • [DEV-5570] Fixes an issue where System Users were not provided the option to choose a default source after having submitted changes to the Sources list.
  • [DEV-5527] Fixes an issue where the Fundraising KPIs widget was not available on the Admin Dashboard if Social Fundraising was not enabled in NeonCRM.
  • [DEV-5520] Updates the order fulfillment logic to give System Users the ability to fulfill pending store orders.
  • [DEV-5518] Fixes an issue where the order of options for a custom field became reordered once there were too many configured options.
  • [DEV-5510] Fixes an issue where custom fields would not update if there was an invalid date format in the spreadsheet used for an Account Batch Update.
  • [DEV-5452] Updates NeonCRM's IP Country data source.
  • [DEV-5435] Fixes an issue where a saved report inherited the original "Published Date" when created using the "Save as New Report" option.
  • [DEV-5429] Fixes an issue where the Recurring Donation List page excluded any schedules ending before the current date.
  • [DEV-5426] Fixes an issue where organization accounts could be added as Solicitors.
  • [DEV-5425] Fixes an issue where System Users could not manually change the status of an expired recurring donation schedule to "Inactive".
  • [DEV-5424] Fixes an issue where the Import Manager displayed a data format error message for all rows mapped to the DOB field where DOB was blank.
  • [DEV-5419] Fixes an issue where a system error occurred when filtering the Recurring Donation List page by "Recurring Start Date" without also selecting a value for "Status".
  • [DEV-5412] Fixes an issue where the Custom CSS utility did not work if NeonCRM lacked an applied web template.
  • [DEV-5403] Fixes an issue where the PayPal Standard option did not display on Social Fundraising Donation Forms for campaigns using an Alternate Web Template.
  • [DEV-5402] Fixes an issue where "First Name" & "Last Name" were required when importing email addresses to an Email Audience.
  • [DEV-5401] Fixes an issue where an Event Session with an "end date" in the past could be selected on an Event Registration Form.
  • [DEV-5386] Adds several missing output columns to the Name and Addresses by Account Relationship report for the phone number(s) on "Account 2".
  • [DEV-5385] Fixes an issue where a Store Order's Status changed to "Cancelled" when adding a Pending Payment.
  • [DEV-5369] Fixes an issue where the "Team name" output column was populating with the "Fundraising Page Title" instead of the "Team Page Title" in the Social Fundraiser Summary Report. Additionally fixes an issue where the "Social Fundraising Page Title" output column was missing a space in the name.
  • [DEV-5366] Updates the credit card form to disable the "Pay Later" and "PayPal" options when completing a recurring or auto-renewing transaction.
  • [DEV-5352] The "Google Analytics Tracking ID" field can now accept IDs that fall in to the following formats:
  • [DEV-5349] Fixes an issue where the NeonCRM "Default" Email & Letter Templates could not be re-set as the "Default Template"
  • [DEV-5344] Fixes an issue where membership records with a cancelled payment were being displayed as the current membership in the "Membership" section of the account detail page.
  • [DEV-5340] Fixes an issue where email-related language appeared when building a System Letter
  • [DEV-5339] Fixes an issue where the Recurring Donation setup page in the Constituent Login portal did not reflect any of the settings configured under the Recurring Donation Online Form Settings (Frequency and End Date).
  • [DEV-5338] Fixes an issue where the "Prospect Campaign" output column would always populate with the first Prospect assigned to an account, no matter what search criteria was used.
  • [DEV-5336] Fixes an issue where only the "Last Name" field of an individual account was transferred to the "Organization Name" field when converting the individual account to an organization account.
  • [DEV-5332] Fixes an issue where the Fund and Purpose fields did not auto-populate when adding a donation through the back-end if the logged in system user was given a system user group that did not have "Social Fundraising" enabled.
  • [DEV-5330] Adds the "Company Name" output column to both the Itemized Transaction Report and the Honor/Memory Donations report.
  • [DEV-5327] Fixes an issue where the "Origin Detail" search criteria in reports did not validate () as an accepted value.
  • [DEV-5325] Fixes an API issue where the following methods did not work when using POST requests:
    • /neonws/services/api/customObject/listCustomObjectFields
    • /neonws/services/api/customObjectRecord/createCustomObjectRecord"
  • [DEV-5321] Fixes an issue where logged-in constituents with a Sub-Membership Term were able to enable/disable Auto-Renew for that record.
  • [DEV-4885] Fixes an API issue where the email address on an Organization account was not returned when using "retrieveOrganizationAccount".
  • [DEV-4507] Fixes an issue where inactive "External Materials" were listed when choosing to track a Mail Merge.
  • [DEV-4071] The Duplicate Manager now recognizes an ampersand ( & ) and the word "and" as the same thing when running a "Name Match" duplicate scan for organization accounts.
  • [DEV-3259] Fixes an issue where Individual Custom Fields were available when creating or editing a Household Contact Record that was not linked to an Individual Account.
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