Release Notes February 11th, 2017

The February 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description
Improvement DEV-4542

Replaced theme selection with a new and improved universal theme.

Please note: Today's Records & Full Search were removed from the Top Menu Bar with this update as these features exist elsewhere.

Today's Entries can be accessed by going to: My Account > Today's Entries

Full Search (otherwise known as the All Accounts Report) can be accessed by going to: Reports > New Report > All Accounts Report.

Improvement DEV-4465 You can now specify a registration close date/time for an event to close the registration window a day or more in advance of the event.
Fix DEV-4656 Resolved an issue that caused the <<Reset Password Link>> token to not work as expected. Email addresses that contain a "_" will no longer cause this problem.
Fix DEV-4650 If an Organization Account's name exceeded a certain number of characters, a validation error was given when registering for events. This has been resolved.
Fix DEV-4649 Resolved an issue where the Membership Term displayed a different term than the one selected after editing or adding a new item to a shopping cart.
Fix DEV-4594 Resolved an issue where the access token for the System User Verification email would not work consistently when copied from the email and pasted into the field on the webpage.
Fix DEV-4538 A warning message will now display if you click continue after making any changes to the Connect NeonCRM to QuickBooks page. Additionally, clicking continue without making any changes to this page will no longer clear your set mapping.
Fix DEV-4505 Resolved an issue where Membership Custom Fields were allowed to be dragged and dropped to be with the standard & account custom fields (and vice versa) when configuring membership forms.
Fix DEV-4501 After updating a product photo, you no longer need to clear your browser cache to see the updated image.
Fix DEV-4495 Resolved an issue where when renewing sub members with an email address and a current membership as a system user, the Email checkbox on the Summary/Acknowledgment page was automatically checked and could not be edited.
Fix DEV-4494 Resolved an issue where when trying to change the Valid From/To dates on shared reports, the system would not accept new dates that had been typed in (new dates had to be selected from the calendar). Dates can now be typed into the fields.
Fix DEV-4471 Resolved an issue that caused incorrect data to be displayed in a Household Report. Logic was added that now prevents duplicate accounts that belong to the same household to be listed as matches in the duplicate scan. 
Fix DEV-4469 Resolved an issue with activities where the reminder email settings would be set to "off" if a new contact was created in the process of creating the activity.
Fix DEV-4462 Resolved an issue with code validation for Shared Reports where it would not display a message if the provided access code had the same characters as the required access code, but didn't match capitalization. 
Fix DEV-4453 Resolved an issue where adding a donation to an event registration as a constituent, then clicking the "Previous" button from the payment page, then again in the registration summary page, would result in a 404 error.
Fix DEV-4452 Added a warning message when trying to delete a Report Type that is in use by a saved report. Proceeding with the deletion will remove the Report Type from any saved report(s).
Fix DEV-4430 Resolved an issue that prevented multiple transactions from syncing to QuickBooks. The lacking of a Donor Record in QuickBooks will no longer prevent syncing multiple transactions to the newly created record.
Fix DEV-4400 Resolved an issue where the page title would change from "Account Login" to "Please log in to renew your membership" if the membership renew page was launched but not completed, and the login page link was subsequently clicked.
Fix DEV-4369 Resolved an issue where one-line text custom fields of data type "float" would not accept negative numbers in data entry. 
Fix DEV-4280 Resolved an issue where the "Price" search filter on the "Event List" page was not capturing events with multiple ticket prices. The "Price" search logic has been updated to include events where one or all ticket prices meet the criteria.
Fix DEV-4270 Resolved an issue where the Import Manager would not recognize linking Ids in an import of accounts and transactions if saved mappings were used and the column headers in the import file did not match the case of the saved mapping columns.
Fix DEV-4261 Resolved an issue where various buttons and fields become inactive when adding a store product with options to your shopping cart in the back end of NeonCRM while using IE11.
Fix DEV-4216 Resolved an issue where the Inactive status of a Recurring Donation summary in account donation histories was not appearing in red text.
Fix DEV-4189 Added output columns for "Membership Code", "Donation Campaign Code", & "Event Campaign Code" to the Transaction Report.
Fix DEV-3998 Resolved an issue where the Storefront's drop down menu for Catalogs did not reflect the chosen sequence.
Fix DEV-3975 Resolved an issue where the wrong email address was displayed on the Event Attendee page when a logged in Org. Account registered multiple contacts for an event.
Fix DEV-3970 Resolved an issue where Matched Pledges would show as Succeed on the Donation Record when it should have shown as Pending.
Fix DEV-3952 Resolved an issue where exporting prospect data from the Prospects Home/Dashboard to Excel would display HTML in the notes column if the cell had too much data.
Fix DEV-3914 Resolved an issue that prevented multiple addresses from being imported when the spreadsheet contained multiple addresses & a primary address was not designated. Importing spreadsheets like this will now default the first address as Primary.
Fix DEV-3910 Resolved an issue with event tickets with multiple attendees "up to" a stated amount, where attempting to edit attendees beyond the first would not turn up matches with known records.
Fix DEV-3887 Resolved an issue where an error page was encountered when an advanced search was ran and the Account List button clicked. 
Fix DEV-3868 Resolved an issue with social fundraising teams where if a team page title was not the default, a team member could become that team's captain in the process of attempting to create a new fundraising team.
Fix DEV-3844 Resolved an issue with the Duplicate Manager, where if over 50 instances of a duplicate were found, the "matched accounts list page" for them could not be correctly sorted by ID.
Fix DEV-3825 Resolved an issue that caused an account to display multiple times in in the Membership Directory if they had multiple memberships that were set to display in the directory. Constituents with multiple memberships will now only display once if more than one membership matches the criteria.
Fix DEV-3815 Resolved an issue where duplicate accounts were created when registering for an event as a logged in constituent and then updated their profile.
Fix DEV-3704 Resolved an issue with the event attendee list, where tickets not in the default group would not show in the "Event Ticket Price" filter.
Fix DEV-3610 Removed the option to create a new Conditional Ticket Group for events if there is not yet a default ticket price created.
Fix DEV-3557 Resolved an issue with transaction pages, where applying for a volunteer position would cause all subsequent successful transactions (such as donations) to display the success message for volunteer positions.
Fix DEV-3553 Resolved an issue with the credit card swiper, where adding characters in the Credit Card Number field before swiping the card would cause the card to read incorrectly.
Fix DEV-3536 Resolved an issue with the account detail page, where changing the Status dropdown in the Projects & Timesheets section to "Active" would cause the sections below to disappear from the page.
Fix DEV-2293 Added the "Event Tax-Deductible Purpose" column to the Transaction Report. Also added the "Event Tax-Deductible Purpose" and "Event Tax-Deductible Fund" columns to the Event Registration Report.
Fix DEV-1620 Resolved an issue with deleting an account with at least one transaction, where the Delete Account dialog box would not work if it was cancelled previously on the same screen.
Fix DEV-3483 Fixed an issue with Advanced Settings for user groups, where the current user group could be chosen as its own parent group.
Fix DEV-4651 Resolved an issue where the Email Campaign Statistics graph was showing values larger than 100%.
Fix DEV-4742 Resolved an issue where (Y) axis on Upcoming Events bar graph did not start at 0 in Events > Home/Dashboard.


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