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Your Inspire Site is based on nonprofit website best practices researched and implemented by the Neon Web Studio team. The elements on your homepage have been specifically designed to meet many of the goals for creating a great nonprofit website.

The first 3 elements of your Inspire site: the Menu, the Header and the Footer are covered in individual guides:

Additional assistance in navigating Page Builder is found in the guide: Using Page Builder on your Inspire Site. Page Builder also has a wide variety of guides available in their Knowledge Base.

Tip: Look for more website design tips, take a look at 22 Tips that Lead to Attractive and Engaging Websites.
Main Image and Text

Inspire sites are built based on the idea of Rows and Columns in Page Builder. A row is the width of the page and the number of rows on a page determines the length of a page. Each row is comprised of 1-6 columns, allowing for the content to be added in different blocks.

A row with 1 column appears like this:

Where as a row with 6 columns appears like this:
You can see in this example there are 6 spots for content, versus 1 spot in the example above.
When editing the Main Image and Text, you are editing one large row. To edit the row, you will want to hover over the row, and select the Blue Wrench to edit the row. It is important to verify that the entire row is selected, not just the text in the middle.
Once the wrench has been clicked the Row Settings box will appear. From this box, you can edit a variety of things, but the primary goal is to edit the Background Photo.
Editing the photo is done by scrolling to the Background Photo area and you can click the Select Photo option to either upload a new photo or select a photo from your Media Library. There are other settings here to provide you with greater personalization of how your photo will appear, but the default settings will work fine for most users.
To edit the text, you will want to hover over that area of the page and select the blue wrench that controls the Call to Action Settings. 
The text and button that appear here are all part of a Call to Action module. There is more about modules in this guide on Using Page Builder on your Inspire Site.
  • The General tab is where you edit the Heading, which will be the bigger font size, and the Text, which will appear in a smaller font size below.
  • The Style tab will allow you to make formatting changes including font color, these are set to a default that will work for many users, but you are welcome to explore additional options.
  • The Button tab will control the language and link for the button on the site. You will see we have created a transparent button so the image still appears.
The remaining elements on your page can be edited by selecting individual rows and columns to edit. Refer to the guide Using Page Builder on your Inspire Site for more assistance.
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