How to Navigate your Inspire Website

The Back-End
The Front-End
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Your Inspire Website can be navigated from the back-end and the front-end, these are terms you will often hear in regards to your Neon system as well. The back-end is what is seen by your administrators, while the front-end is seen by your website visitors. In Inspire, changes can be made to your site by a logged in administrator from the front-end or back-end.

The Back-End

The Back-end of your Inspire Site refers to the screen featured below, this would only be seen by administrators of your website. 

We will walk through the options in the black menu on the side of this screen. 
 This is where you can create and manage Blog Post for your site. Posts can hold comments, categories, tags and can be collected in an archive, see Creating Posts in your Inspire Site.
 This is your Media Library where all your Images and other files that are used on your Inspire site are housed. 
 This is how you can create new pages for your Inspire site. Pages are generally static, and are featured in your website menu, see Creating Pages in your Inspire Site.
 This is where you can review, moderate and delete the comments that are made on Posts in your Inspire site. 
 This menu has several sub-menus that allow you to edit the look and feel of your Inspire site, including the Menu, see Editing your Inspire Website Menu. You can also choose what Widgets to include in your Inspire site, see Using Widgets in your Inspire Website
 This is where you can create new administrative users of your Inspire site. More information on permissions can be found in Managing your Inspire Website's Users
 There are limited Tools available to Inspire sites, however you can export your Inspire Site as a backup. This is not necessary as Inspire Sites are backed up regularly, but the functionality is available. 
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The Front-End

The Front-end of the your Inspire site refers to what your viewers could see, featured in the screenshot below. You can also edit your website from this screen, if you are logged into WordPress.