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Are you structuring your volunteer program to attract volunteers and keep them coming back? Join Kaylee Williams from VolunteerLocal, a Neon One Certified Partner, as we go through the lifecycle of a volunteer, providing advice & resources to address volunteer coordinators’ most pressing questions about each stage.



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  • The lifecycle of a volunteer consists of four stages that recur cyclically: 
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  • Recruitment: Finding passionate advocates for your cause who have the capacity and willingness to work in your organization without pay.
    • To recruit more volunteers, get creative with your advertising medium & content. Also, utilize volunteer groups: corporate volunteer time as well as non-traditional groups. 
  • Scheduling: Activating volunteers by ensuring they have access to roles that match their availability, skills and interests.
    • Be sure to acknowledge the time that volunteers are giving you to them and to provide for the volunteer's basic needs as you would a staffer: breaks, check-ins, and more.
  • Management: Operational duties associated with attendance and hourly tracking, in addition to nurturing relationships over time and aligning volunteer’s interests with the goals of the nonprofit.
    • Align incentives with your target audience & create feedback loops. You'll know what direction to go (longer or shorter shifts, for example) with feedback from your volunteers.
  • Retention: Develop and maintain a core group of volunteers with the knowledge of and passion for your work with the goal of eventually expanding their role
    • To retain volunteers, acknowledge their current gift of time & build a structure that allows for vertical advancement for the volunteers. 
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