Release Notes September 23rd, 2017

All of the information that you will need regarding any New Features, Improvements, and Fixes that have been implemented to NeonCRM with the September 2017 product release.

New Features & Improvements

  • [DEV-4444] Redesigned the main dashboard so that each System User can customize their own dashboard content by adding widgets. Click on your logo image in the top left corner of NeonCRM to view & edit your dashboard. 
  • [DEV-5167] Adds a "Settings Saved" message instead of redirecting the user to a separate confirmation page after updating any NeonCRM System Settings.


  • [DEV-5445] Fixes an issue where transactions that belonged to an Individual account with a "Middle Name", where the account was also linked to an Organization account, would not sync to QuickBooks.
  • [DEV-5410] Fixes an issue where NeonCRM could not sync transactions to QB when there was a cancelled item in the same shopping cart.
  • [DEV-5364] Fixes an issue where Membership Due Letters would not send when at least one of the conditions was a "Do Not Send" condition, even though the membership did not meet the condition.
  • [DEV-5335] Fixes an issue where organization accounts without address data were updated by the Neon scheduler to use the address information from a secondary contact.
  • [DEV-5328] Fixes an issue where an inactive membership level could be renewed by submitting the renewal form without having selected a term.
  • [DEV-5256] Fixes an issue where In-Kind donations with a $0.00 FMV could not be entered through the Batch Donation Utility.
  • [DEV-5254] Fixes an issue with fundraising team pages where their list of fundraisers was hidden when the option to "Enable 'Supporters' list on social fundraising pages" was disabled for that campaign.
  • [DEV-5249] Fixes an issue where Custom User Groups that did not have the "Enable Social Fundraising" permission were unable to edit the "Source" field on donation records.
  • [DEV-5219] Fixes an issue where donation records linked to an "Acknowledgee" were deleted if the acknowledgee's account was Super Deleted.
  • [DEV-5217] Fixes an issue where editing a successful $0 transaction set the transaction status to "Refunded".
  • [DEV-4768] "Organization Custom Fields" are now available when configuring organization versions of front-end forms.
  • [DEV-4671] Adds a "Also notify Social Fundraiser" checkbox to the "Summary" page when entering donations as a System User. When checked, NeonCRM will send the Fundraiser Donation Notification system email.
  • [DEV-4609] "Account conversions are now recorded in the Action Log with ""Account Maintenance"" for the Action Type and ""Edit"" as the Operation.
  • [DEV-4180] Fixes an error returned when a System User attempted to enroll a new member for a level with no join term. Adds a validation message indicating that the "Membership Term" is a required field and cannot be blank.
  • [DEV-4068] Updates order fulfillment wording on various store order pages for consistency and clarity.
  • [DEV-3971] Fixes an issue where the "Reconcile" button was missing on donation records that had both an "Acknowledgee" and an "Honor/Memory" designation but only one was reconciled.
  • [DEV-1531] "Fixes an issue where the linked "Social Fundraiser" still appeared on donation records after the Campaign, along with its social fundraising pages, were deleted.
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