How to Resize Images for your Inspire Website

Working in Wordpress
Adjusting your Image in Photoshop
Adjusting your Image without Photoshop
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Having images the correct size is important to your Inspire Website. Images that are too small will appear pixelated. Images that are too big will make your site run slowly. If you are trying to have a group of images appear on your site uniformly, they will all need to be the same size. In order to do this, you may need to resize the images. 

Tip: The widest an image should be on your website is about 1600 pixels. Images that are much bigger than that will take too long to load.
Working in Wordpress

If you are trying to match an image size that already is in your Inspire site, you will want to know the size of the image. Then you can resize your other images to match that size. 

To find an image size in WordPress:

1. Go to “Media” in the backend dashboard

2. Within the Media Menu, click on the Media Library and find the image you want the dimensions for in the Media Library.