Release Notes August 26th, 2017

The August 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description
Improvement DEV-5223 Adds a "Credit Social Fundraisers" setting to control the visibility of the "credit this donation to this fundraiser" dropdown field on donation & event registration forms linked to a campaign that supports social fundraising.
Improvement DEV-5166 Adds a "Tender Type" column and search filter to the Synced and Unsynced Transactions lists for NeonCRM's integration with QuickBooks.



Adds pagination to front-end and back-end pages listing individual Fundraisers and Fundraising Teams. 

Improvement DEV-5114 Updates the IATS payment gateway configuration options and instructions.
Improvement DEV-4963 Prevents NeonCRM forms & pages from being embedded in an iFrame. This does not impact code snippets provided by NeonCRM.
Improvement DEV-2029 Adds output columns to the Household Report for the current & last fiscal year household transaction amount/count.
Fix DEV-5374 Fixes an issue where the MailChimp Communication History section of the Account Detail Page was not reflecting correct data.
Fix DEV-5323 Fixes an issue where the "arrow" and "tab" keys did not work with the improved drop down menu for Social Fundraisers, Campaigns, Funds, & Purposes.
Fix DEV-5357 Fixes an issue where selecting a contact of an Organization would not auto-populate the attendee fields during an event registration in the back-end of NeonCRM.
Fix DEV-5271 Fixes an issue where the "Company Name" field was not populating on the Membership Directory even though there was employment history on the account.
Fix DEV-5270 Fixes an issue where Sub-Members were able to renew their own sub-membership.
Fix DEV-5264 Fixes an issue where a 404 page was displayed when clicking the "Tell a Friend" link on an Event Page with a pound (#) sign in its name.
Fix DEV-5252 Fixes an issue that caused a discrepancy between the Event Registration Date and the Transaction Created Date. 
Fix DEV-5224 NeonCRM can now send the "Province" field data to your payment gateway when processing credit card transactions using Neon Payment Processing, WorldPay, BluePay,, PayPal Pro, or Forte.
Fix DEV-5215 Adds "Province" as an available form field to allow for processing credit card payments from constituents outside of the U.S. 
Fix DEV-5214 Fixes an issue where payments with a status of Refunded, Partial Refund, or Dispute Lost appeared in the "Failed Transactions List".
Fix DEV-5198 Adds <<Payment Note>> to the list of available tokens when building a new version of an Event Registration system email or letter.
Fix DEV-5187 When managing your team's fundraising page from the login portal, the "I'd like to join a team" dropdown menu now lists the "Team Page Title" instead of the "Team Name". 
Fix DEV-5186 Fixes an issue where User Groups/Permissions that only had the "Edit Campaign Email" permission selected could still see the "Send Campaign Email" sidebar menu option and send campaign emails from there.
Fix DEV-5165 Fixes an issue where the CSS markup on Social Fundraising Pages was inconsistent.
Fix DEV-5163 Fixes an issue where the "Purchase Date" search criteria was capturing incorrect results when used in the "All Accounts Report" or the "Mailing Report".
Fix DEV-5153 Adds "Origin Tracking" values for NeonCRM accounts created via Facebook or Twitter login.
Fix DEV-5149 Fixes an issue where the "Past _ Days" dynamic date option did not work when setting applicable groups for transaction discounts.
Fix DEV-5143 Fixes an issue where event attendees that did not meet the specified "Event Session Name" search criteria were captured in the results of the "Event Attendee Report".
Fix DEV-5142 Fixes an issue where the "Add Another Sub-member" button was missing when adding sub-members through the Constituent Login Portal.
Fix DEV-5137 Fixes an issue where the Duplicate Manager would not see duplicates that have a "\" in the Organization Name.
Fix DEV-5135 Event Attendees that have been added to the "Waiting List" will no longer appear on the "Mark Attendance" page.
Fix DEV-5129 Fixes an issue where an error message was encountered when attempting to add a sub-member through the constituent login portal through either the Add or Join buttons.
Fix DEV-5124 Fixes an issue where previewing a Custom Form page would display the "Have an account? Click here to log in..." text when Encouraged Log In for Custom Forms was disabled.
Fix DEV-5085 The options for Add/Remove & Join/Renew in the "My Membership" section of the Constituent Login Portal will no longer be displayed when there are no sub-member terms available to the logged-in user.
Fix DEV-5058 Removed outdated inline help buttons from various pages in NeonCRM.
Fix DEV-5011 Fixes an issue where the columns on the "My Time Sheets" page in the Constituent Login Portal could not be sorted.
Fix DEV-4942 Fixes an issue when registering for a 1 year sub-membership where the "Term End Date" didn't populate if the parent membership had a lifetime term. 
Fix DEV-4908 Fixes an issue where merging an Individual account with a Household Contact record removed that contact record from the Household.
Fix DEV-4903 Fixes an issue where there was no pop up message informing users that the required name fields were not mapped when importing accounts.
Fix DEV-4866 Fixes an issue where events created through the Import Manager did not display the Admission Fee in the Event Detail Page.
Fix DEV-4843 Fixes an issue where deleting an import caused an error page when viewing the mapping of another import that was used to batch update the accounts in the deleted import.
Fix DEV-4796 Fixes an issue where no results would be captured when using the "Pledge Tender Type" search criteria in a "Pledge and Payment Report".
Fix DEV-4767 Fixes an issue where if an "Override default" sender name is set up for a Donation Appreciation system email, and the sender name is left blank for the system email, it would default to the "system default sender name" instead of the "override default".
Fix DEV-4707 Fixes an issue where repeatable seasonal addresses did not switch properly if the start date and end date were the same day.
Fix DEV-4700 Fixes an issue where the template used on a Social Fundraising page would change when an E-Check/ACH transaction failed.
Fix DEV-4646 Adds a 5 minute waiting period before allowing system users to merge a new account if that user has not finished submitting a front end form and is still in the process of re-submitting a payment.
Fix DEV-4604 Fixes an issue where an Organization account was not generated when creating an activity where the "Account" field was left blank.
Fix DEV-4404 Fixes an issue where content did not display correctly if it was added after the token <<Formatted Address Lines 1-4>>.
Fix DEV-4305 Fixes an issue that prevented batch donations from being entered for organization accounts that were typed in and all available donation fields were selected.
Fix DEV-4161 Fixes an issue where a blank page was displayed when attempting to export blank time sheet data. 
Fix DEV-1431 Fixes an issue where a system error was encountered when running the duplicate manager in two different browsers at the same time.
Fix DEV-1365 Fixes an issue where removing all data from the "Address" fields while editing the "Basic Information" section did not remove the address from the "Addresses" section of the account detail page.
Fix DEV-1250 Fixes an issue where the "Accounts Added" column on the "All Imports" page still displayed a hyperlinked number, even though the account(s) that were added had since been deleted.
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