Editing your Inspire Website Fonts and Sizes

Header Fonts and Sizes
Body Fonts and Sizes
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You can edit the Header and Body Fonts and Sizes throughout your Inspire Website. These are Global Settings, meaning that when you build a new page on your site, the same fonts will be used. This allows your site to have a consistent look and feel. 
Tip: Google Fonts is a great resource for picking fonts for your site. You can look at how fonts will work together, and it will suggest pairings of fonts.
Similarly to Editing your Inspire Website Header and Footer, you will edit your Inspire site's Fonts and Sizes through the Customize Menu.

1. In the administrative backend of WordPress, you'll find this menu in Appearance > Customize.

Alternatively, if you are on a front-end webpage, you will see the Customize option in the black header bar at the top of your screen.

When you access the Customize Menu, you will see this screen and you will want to click the General Option to edit your Fonts and Sizes.

Header Fonts and Sizes
From within the General Menu, you will want to select the Headings submenu.
From here, you will be taken to a series of options relating to the Headings for your Inspire site. When working in CSS, you have 6 Headers to choose between H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. These are designed to get progressively smaller and to be used as sub headings.
In this menu you can set 4 things that will be universal for your Headings. The Color, Font Family, Font Weight and Font Format. These are seen in the screenshot below. Font Weight refers to if a font can be made bold. Font Format refers to if the font will display as all lowercase, all capitals or as normal text. Not all fonts will have the same options, it will depend on the font chosen.
Then you can edit the Font Size, Font Height and Letter Spacing. Font Height refers to the space between the lines of that header. Letter Spacing is the additional spaces between individual letters in that header. You can edit this for all six heading options if desired.
Body Fonts and Sizes
From within the Customize Menu, you will once again click General, and then click Text, to be taken to the options to edit your Body Fonts and Sizes.
You have similar options to the header in this menu. You can set the Color, Font and Font Weight of your Body Text. You also have options to edit the Font Size and the Line Height. Editing the Line Height will determine how much space is between each line of text. 
Tip: When picking your body font, be sure to consider how it connects with your Header Font. There are no hard rules about what fonts to use, be creative but make sure your fonts pair well together and are both legible without having to make the font size too large. 2 popular options for Body Fonts are Open Sans or Raleway


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