Release Notes January 14th, 2017

The January 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type  Description
DEV-4222 Improvement

Updated the workflow and interface for creating/editing system users. Newly created system users will now receive the "System User Verification" email prompting them to set up a login name and password. When a system user updates their password, they will now receive the "System User Password Change Confirmation" email.

DEV-4090 Improvement

Redesigned the "System Email & Letter Defaults" configuration page and added settings to control the "Pay Later" emails/letters.

DEV-4584 Fix Resolved an issue where event ticket price totals in the back end of NeonCRM were being multiplied by the number of attendees for events using "Multiple Ticket prices, multiple attendees per ticket" and ticket prices where the "Number of attendees per ticket" is defined as 'Exactly' an amount. 
DEV-4575 Fix Resolved an issue where auto-renewing memberships were not being created via the API.
DEV-4550 Fix Resolved an issue where Membership Reports encountered an error when a Standard and a Custom Membership field were included as criteria and the Membership Setting for 'Automatic Calculation For Membership Change' was based on amount.
DEV-4546 Fix Resolved an issue where exclusionary criteria did not work as intended when running a Household Report. 
DEV-4531 Fix Resolved an issue where an error was encountered when purchasing a product using Tiered Flat-rate shipping that had no name.
DEV-4493 Fix Resolved an issue where the CKEditor messed up formatting when doing seemingly normal operations. 
DEV-4470 Fix Added validation to Default Service Items when setting up mapping for the QuickBooks Integration. Default Service Items are now required.
DEV-4464 Fix Resolved an issue where the Social Fundraiser Photo would not display as a thumbnail when sharing a Social Fundraising Page on Facebook.
DEV-4451 Fix Added a search filter to the Material/Letter Tracking page. This page can now be filtered to display Materials/Letters based on Name, Type, Created Date Range, and Status. 
DEV-4446 Fix Resolved a display issue on the Shopping Cart Page. All columns are now aligned properly.
DEV-4438 Fix When registering an Account and it's fellow household member to an Event, the phone number area code of the fellow household member now copies over.
DEV-4433 Fix Resolved an issue with event registration where editing a multiple-attendee-per-ticket registration would not properly verify fields that were cleared by clicking Edit, and this would result in an error.
DEV-4432 Fix Resolved an error with the Source +Add function, where attempting to add a Name consisting only of spaces would cause a system error.  Doing so now results in a specific error message stating that the field cannot be blank.
DEV-4424 Fix Resolved an issue where a previous button would appear on the Contact Information Form when navigating directly to the form.
DEV-4420 Fix Resolved an issue with the Import Manager, where importing new accounts with membership levels not in Neon and having an invalid Cost field would cause a system error.
DEV-4419 Fix Resolved an issue where a free event that has a session with ticket might not use the correct price at checkout.
DEV-4415 Fix Resolved an issue with event registration where if two attendee custom fields of different types (one checkbox, one dropdown) were next to each other, the dropdown would be in the wrong place.
DEV-4394 Fix Session tickets no longer show up under the "Event Ticket Name" field in Event reports.  This is due to an issue where session ticket names do not return the correct results when used as search criteria.
DEV-4375 Fix Resolved an issue with pending mail merges where the account name would not show up if the contact receiving the email was deleted; to resolve this, if a contact is deleted, any pending mail merges with the deleted contact as the recipient will also be deleted.
DEV-4368 Fix Resolved an issue with social fundraising teams, where no error message was returned if one typed an invalid team goal amount.
DEV-4367 Fix Resolved an issue with the social fundraising team page, where updating the team goal and immediately uploading an image to the page would cause the team goal amount to revert to the previous value.
DEV-4340 Fix Resolved an issue with individual social fundraising pages where entering a custom page title and URL, then uploading a page image, would cause the custom page title and URL to reset.
DEV-4323 Fix Resolved an issue with group memberships that caused the creation of duplicate expired sub-memberships.
DEV-4090 Fix Redesigned the "System Email & Letter Defaults" system settings page and added settings to control the "Pay Later" emails/letters.
DEV-3428 Fix Resolved a display issue with the 'AddThis' social networking share widget on social fundraising pages where the text 'Share' would display next to the button.
DEV-4480  Fix Resolved an issue where Report-Only email audiences were not updating Organization Account data in MailChimp.
DEV-4581 Fix Resolved an issue where the Recurring Donation Report was not displaying donation counts accurately in the Donation Count output column.
DEV-4401 Fix Added a token for Prefix to Campaign Emails & Form Acknowledgement Emails as well as the following System Emails: Reset Password, Membership Renewal Completion Notice, Membership Renewal Completion Notice - Pay Later, Membership Overdue, Membership Auto-Renewal Notice, & the Membership Auto-Renewal Error Notice.


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