Creating Anchor Links in your Inspire Website


 Defining Anchor Link
Steps to Creating an Anchor Link
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Defining Anchor Link

A link used to navigate to a specific area within a page. For example, if you want to direct users to a specific heading on your page, you can use an anchor link to direct a user to that area of the page.

Example: See how the link takes you partway down the page. 

Steps to Creating an Anchor Link

1) Click Page Builder on the Front End of your Inspire Site.

2) Hover your mouse over the area that you want to area that you want to become an anchor link. Both images and text can be an Anchor Link.

3) Click the wrench to edit that module, look for the ID text field under the Advanced tab.

4) Type one word (no spaces) in the ID text field, that will be your Anchor Link. Click the blue save button.

5) Your anchor link will be the URL of your page, with /#ID added to the end. So for the example above, the URL is:, the ID is capitalcampaign, so the full URL would be:

You can use the URL in your menu, in an email or anywhere you would use a standard URL.

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