Release Notes July 29th, 2017

The Late July 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description
New Feature DEV-4839 You can now easily add your organization's Google Analytics Tracking ID to your NeonCRM forms under the System Settings tab.
Improvement DEV-5066 Optimized performance & speed when loading the list of available values for Campaign, Fund, Purpose, and Social Fundraiser on the Create/Edit Donation, Pledge, & Recurring Donation pages. Added a search box to the "select a value" dropdown for these fields so that the value is searchable. 
Improvement DEV-5037 Added new output columns to the All Accounts Report to capture the subject & internal notes from the next activity and last activity on a NeonCRM account.
Improvement DEV-4861 We've made the Organization Profile more easily accessible to System Administrators by moving it to the System Settings tab. 
Improvement DEV-4793 Neon will no longer send membership reminders to members that have already renewed. Membership Due system emails will now only send to accounts without any future enrollments.
Improvement DEV-4691 Published Custom Forms & Surveys are now available under the "Select from the following NEON built-in links" dropdown when adding a link from the WYSIWYG editor.
Improvement DEV-4525 Optimized performance & speed when loading the list of available values for certain report search fields, such as campaigns and events. Added a search box to the "select a value" dropdown for certain search fields so that both the field name and the field value are searchable when editing report criteria.
Fix DEV-5184 Fixes an issue where "Matched Pledges" were being included in the donation total on the Campaign Thermometer Widget.
Fix DEV-5172 Fixes an issue where the "Event Registration Date" token did not populate when used in any custom built versions of the Event Registration System Email/Letter.
Fix DEV-5130 Fixes an issue where adding a payment to a deferred membership record would always trigger the Membership Registration system email, even if the "Email" checkbox was not selected on the Send Email page.
Fix DEV-5113 Removed a warning message triggered by entering a space into the ticket quantity field on an event registration form. 
Fix DEV-5109 Fixes an issue where active members could not access member-restricted "Secure Login Pages" if they tried to view the page on the day their membership expired.
Fix DEV-5103 Updated the warning message that is displayed when trying to add a number of attendees to an event that exceeds the amount of available tickets. 
Fix DEV-5099 Fixes an issue where the "Event Session Attendee" report showed all general event custom fields in the output, even when only reporting on a single event.
Fix DEV-5082 Fixes an issue with the Page Settings feature where hiding the Individual Type or Organization Type fields from the "Account Create/Edit" page would result in data loss.
Fix DEV-5078 Fixes an issue that prevented Neon Payment Processing from accepting international payments. 
Fix DEV-5075 Fixes an issue where the "Save" button was not made active after rearranging fields on a Custom Form/Survey.
Fix DEV-5074 Fixes an issue where System Emails were not sent when using the sendAcknowledgeEmail parameter in the addMembershipToAccount API request.
Fix DEV-5073 Fixes an issue where running an Advanced Search to find accounts marked as "Do Not Contact" returned incorrect results. 
Fix DEV-5072 Fixes an issue where current employees of an organization account were marked as "Former Employees" if the individual updated the "Title" field through the Constituent Login Portal.
Fix DEV-5069 Fixes an issue with the page field selector where repeatedly moving a group of fields would cause them to appear out of order.
Fix DEV-5064 Fixes a looping issue that occurred when System Users attempted to "consolidate and delete" a Fund that was in use. 
Fix DEV-5057 Added a "Calculate Tax" button to the order summary page so that system users can recalculate tax after modifying the unit prices of items in the shopping cart.
Fix DEV-5056 Fixes an issue when importing a CSV file that contained blank "Is Company" fields would generate a system error page.
Fix DEV-5050 Fixes a validation error that prevented system users from sending a test email to addresses with a 5 character TLD (Top-Level Domain). 
Fix DEV-5043 Fixes an issue where origin tracking data was missing from newly created accounts that were linked to an existing attendee record.
Fix DEV-5041 Fixes an issue where the label for the "Alternative Payment Method" field would display twice when a user clicked "Page Preview" during configuration.
Fix DEV-5040 Fixes an issue where running a Household Report with an empty "Exclude From Results" search group returned zero results
Fix DEV-5036 Fixes an issue where sub-membership terms would not appear in the designated order on front end membership forms.
Fix DEV-5034 Fixes an issue where the yearly total output columns for the Household Report displayed inaccurate data.
Fix DEV-5023 Volunteer Applications can now be deleted from both the "Applicants List" page or from the "Projects & Timesheets" section of the applicant's Neon account.
Fix DEV-4967 Fixes an issue with the Batch Donation utility where the "Household Name" and "Household Salutation" fields would not populate correctly for additional household contacts. 
Fix DEV-4947 Event registrants will now receive a warning message when attempting to proceed to the attendee page of registration without agreeing to the Waiver Statement. 
Fix DEV-4889 Fixes an issue where the "Prefix" field could not be updated on an event attendee record. 
Fix DEV-4884 Fixes an issue where the "Membership" section of the NeonCRM account page incorrectly stated that "This membership cannot be renewed because the membership level is inactive" for any active Complimentary Memberships.
Fix DEV-4799 System Users will now receive warning messages during the Duplicate Merge process to prevent them from purging an account if that constituent is currently logged in.
Fix DEV-4784 Fixes an issue where membership "Grace Periods" were not being recognized when a parent member tried to renew their sub-members.
Fix DEV-4732 Fixes an issue where inactive Honor/Memory records were displayed as available options when entering H/M information on a donation record.
Fix DEV-4708 The checkbox to enable auto-renewal will no longer be required on Constituent forms when adding a sub-member to a group membership where the parent membership is free, auto-renewal is turned off, or the "Force automatic renewal on front-end forms" setting is enabled.
Fix DEV-4706 Added a new "Forms & Pages" grouping under the User Group Advanced Settings page that includes permissions for each item available under that tab, including: Forms & Pages Home/Dashboard, Secure Login Pages, Login Portal Messages, and Custom Forms & Surveys.
Fix DEV-4704 Fixes an issue where event attendees displayed in a reverse order on an event registration record that was processed by a System User from the back end of NeonCRM.
Fix DEV-4685 When batch updating account data, the Import Manager will no longer create a blank "Account Sticky Note" if that column is blank in the import file. 
Fix DEV-4635 Fixes an issue where the Itemized Transaction Report would not populate the "Payment Note" column for transactions marked as "Pending".
Fix DEV-4595 Added validation to the "Ask Amount" field when creating or editing Grants/Prospects to allow for only positive numbers.
Fix DEV-4526 Fixes an issue where the "Enrollment Type" field could not be edited and changed for Sub-memberships.
Fix DEV-4474 The PayPal Standard option is now available on donation forms where the navigation flow is set to a one-page process. 
Fix DEV-3793 Fixes an issue where different content populated the WYSIWYG editor when copying the "NeonCRM Standard Version" of the Membership Auto-Renewal Error Notice system email.
Fix DEV-2999 Fixes an issue where Multi-Line Text custom fields would not recognize line breaks.
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