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Join Louise Kelly, Neon One Certified Consultant, to discuss the important role of email in nonprofit fundraising and marketing efforts. With email volume continuously increasing, it’s more important than ever to optimize your email marketing so that you can stand out from the mass of emails crowding your constituents’ inboxes.



Slides from the presentation are available here: NeonCRM Email Marketing Webinar.pdf

Contents & Additional Resources

  • The volume of email is increasing over time. 
  • The fundamentals of email marketing:
    • Customization
      • If your organization is resource-strapped, you may send the same message to everyone. While understandable, using what you know about your constituents to send targeted, customized messages is more effective. This is called personalization.
      • Personalize your system email message with Neon's tokens or different versions for each situation (membership term, for example). MailChimp has similar tools available to you.
      • Segmentation is sorting recipients into groups based upon certain criteria & customizing the email content based upon the group. MailChimp has found a 14.99% better response rate when segmentation is used! You can segment in Neon or MailChimp.
      • Marketing automation is setting up emails to auto-send in response to some triggers. In Neon, these are System Emails and Sequential Emails. This tool is available in MailChimp, too!
    • Testing
      • Testing is determining which email configuration is the most effective in producing higher rates and click-throughs.
      • MailChimp has a built in tool for this: A/B Testing
      • Test these items:
        • From Name
        • Subject Line
        • Call to Action/Offer
        • Timing
        • Design
      • If people don't open your email, a well-crafted body-text doesn't matter! 
    • Coordination
      • Coordination is focusing all of your different marketing efforts in the same direction. For example, planning out messages in multiple media over a long period of time with the same call to action. 
      • Integrated Marketing Ideas
        • use non-electronic messages for major fundraising efforts or events
        • include consistent messaging/branding
        • coordinate timing of messages
        • cultivate a relationship throughout the year
  • MailChimp tips
    • Evidence points out that email recipients do use "Share This" and Forward buttons- add them!
    • Probably don't push your carefully-customized message to your Facebook page or Twitter. Customize your content for the platform. 
  • Don't be overwhelmed! Try just one or two tips to start. 


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