[Service Notification] iFrame Security Update

As we continue to improve the security features of NeonCRM, we will be updating how NeonCRM pages can be embedded and displayed on webpages. As of August 26, Neon users will no longer be able to embed online NeonCRM forms in an iFrame. An iFrame is an HTML page embedded within another webpage. These iFrames elements are prone to security attacks and are generally best avoided for online forms that receive personal donor information. You can learn more about iFrames here:


This update will not affect any users who are using standard form pages or have embedded Custom Forms on their site with a proper form code snippet. You will only experience problems with this update if you have embedded a Neon form on your website in an iFrame.  

If you are using an iFrame to embed Neon forms on your website, you can use a different method (code snippet, standard form page, etc.) to add these forms on your website. Please see our guide on forms and web page settings for guidance on preparing your webpages for this update.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to make Neon more secure for you. If you have any questions about this update, you can contact our support team.


Your Neon Team

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