Release Notes July 1st, 2017

The July 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description
New Feature DEV-4954

Redesigned the Organization Profile system settings page and added some new functionality.

System Administrators can now:

  • Instantly replace Primary and Billing Contacts
  • View recurring payments and replace the current payment method for all active recurring payments
  • View Invoices and Payments
New Feature DEV-5060

Implemented Webhook API for Accounts, Donations, Memberships, and Activities.

New Feature DEV-4846 Added Webhooks under System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Developer Tools.
Improvement DEV-4871 The <<Page Title/Fundraiser Name>> token is now available to include in the Donation Appreciation System Email & Letter, along with a new condition to send a different version for donations attributed to a Social Fundraiser.
Improvement DEV-4715 Added various Search Criteria and Output Columns to the Stats Report.
Improvement DEV-4601

You can now enable Optional Fee Coverage for Credit Card Processing Fees to give constituents the ability to increase their contribution to cover the processing fees associated with their transaction.

Improvement DEV-4560

Added new configuration options to the System Email & Letter Defaults system settings page. Users can now decide whether or not to send System Emails for transactions submitted by logged-in constituents.

Improvement DEV-2027 We've added tokens for recurring donation frequency, end date, and next payment date, along with a new "Recurring Frequency" condition for the Donation Appreciation System Email & Letter. 
Fix DEV-5032 Resolved an issue where an error page was encountered when clicking on any of the A-Z Links on a membership directory when "Company" was selected as the "First sort field". 
Fix DEV-5014 Resolved an issue where the account ID was set to "null" after converting an individual account with multiple Employment History records.
Fix DEV-5007 Resolved an issue where exporting the Bounced Email Summary for Sequential Emails would export the system's entire list of bounced emails.
Fix DEV-4985 Resolved an issue where the payment "Created" date/time and name was blank after editing the ACH/E-Check payment. 
Fix DEV-4962 Resolved an issue where disabling the "Mail Merge" option for a custom User Group/Permission prevented the "Favorite Accounts" list from appearing on the To Do List.
Fix DEV-4957 Added validation to the "Login Name" field on Custom Forms to prevent users from submitting a login name that already exists in NeonCRM. Users will now be prompted to choose a different login name if the one they entered is taken. 
Fix DEV-4955 Resolved an issue where an error was encountered when trying to change the amount of results to be displayed when viewing the details of a Sequential Email's statistics.
Fix DEV-4951 Resolved a display discrepancy for Activity Start/End Time fields where it would display as 12 hour time when configuring but would switch to 24 hour military time after saving the activity.
Fix DEV-4946 Added the ability for users to delete accounts with 500+ transactions while using the "Bulk Operations" utility or "Super Delete". Users will be prompted to confirm before proceeding with the deletion.
Fix DEV-4931 Resolved an issue where specific events were unable to be selected when creating an Event Coupon Code Discount if the start date of the event was today's date.
Fix DEV-4928 Resolved an issue where the prompt "Coupon code is invalid" appeared at the wrong step of event registrations and would halt navigation.
Fix DEV-4927 Resolved an issue where an error message was returned when applying a coupon code to an event registration where the coupon code only applied to the second ticket in the registration.
Fix DEV-4924 Resolved an issue where the Encouraged Log In modal did not appear on the Membership Renewal Form.
Fix DEV-4920 Resolved an issue where the "see it online" and "please click here" links for the <<View Email Online URL>> and <<Unsubscribe>> tokens would produce an HTTP Status 404 error when clicked from Email Campaign Statistics > Clicks
Fix DEV-4912 Added validation to all front end forms to accept any character that is available in the RFC 5322 specifications for all NeonCRM email fields.
Fix DEV-4901 The Payment.creditCardOnlinePayment.CVV2 parameter for the createRecurringDonation API request is no longer a required parameter.
Fix DEV-4899 Resolved an issue where inactive campaigns were not included in the export file from the Fundraising > Campaigns page.
Fix DEV-4897 Resolved an issue where a Social Fundraiser could still see an anonymous donor's address when they are logged in to view their fundraising progress.
Fix DEV-4893 Resolved an issue where accounts where "Declined" or "Deferred" membership transactions would appear on the Membership Directory when it was set to "Limit this directory to specific memberships".
Fix DEV-4888 Resolved an issue where any existing "Job Title" or "Department" field data was not retained after converting an Individual Account to an Organization Account.
Fix DEV-4882 Resolved an issue where pasting the contents of a spreadsheet into a Quick Import pasted everything in one cell.
Fix DEV-4878

Resolved an error loading a search criteria where the specified value exceeded the character limit or contained a ":" or "()".

Search fields now accept special characters and we've added validation to prevent users from entering a value that exceeds the character limit.

Fix DEV-4874 Resolved an issue when creating a new Time Sheet on the front end where the "Project" drop down menu defaulted to "ALL" instead of the project selected.
Fix DEV-4870 Resolved an issue where the printed version of an account's page (Ind. or Org.) did not include the "Custom Fields" section.
Fix DEV-4818 Resolved an issue where the URL for downloadable products was displayed in the "Purchaser Acknowledgement - Pay Later" system email.
Fix DEV-4765 Resolved an issue where the "Birth Date" field displayed in an odd manner on the event attendee page.
Fix DEV-4748 Resolved an issue where if an event had x number of attendees available and a system user tried to create a registration for > x attendees, they would not receive the "event full/register anyway" warning unless wait listing was enabled.
Fix DEV-4745 Resolved an issue where the "Save Search & Return to Discount" button would appear on One-Click reports when it should have only been available during the set up of an Applicable Group for a Store Discount.
Fix DEV-4736 Resolved an issue where percentage-off coupon codes for specific ticket prices would only apply the discount to one of the qualifying ticket purchases, not to the sub-total of all qualifying tickets.
Fic DEV-4734 Resolved an issue where a sent Campaign Email to an Organization Account (which was also sent to their primary contact's Individual Account), the "Email Communication History" on the individual account would display two records of that Campaign Email instead of one.
Fix DEV-4731 Resolved an issue that would set all items of a shopping cart to a "Pending" status after editing and saving the Shopping Cart.
Fix DEV-4716 Resolved an issue where a populated "Other Amount" field for donation levels would not clear when selecting a different donation level.
Fix DEV-4698

Added the below Neon Fields to the Custom Form Builder:

  • Phone Type 2
  • Phone Type 3
  • Email 2
  • Email 3
  • County
Fix DEV-4688

Custom User Groups that have the "System Control Panel" permission no longer have access to the below System Settings sections:

  • User Groups/Permissions
  • System Users
  • Data Backup Utility
Fix DEV-4687

Resolved an issue where if the system user was already logged in to NeonCRM, activity reminder links would redirect them to the system user home page instead of the activity page.

Fix DEV-4632 Resolved an issue where the Current Member Report would give inconsistent/incorrect results when searching with multiple groups.
Fix DEV-4626 Resolved an issue where the "Account Creation History" graph on the Account > Home/Dashboard would not update based on merged accounts.
Fix DEV-4607 Resolved an issue where the "Return" button displayed after deleting an account would bring you to the Accounts > Home/Dashboard. Clicking this button will now bring you back to the "All Accounts" page.
Fix DEV-3864 Resolved an error processing a mail merge if the batch included a system letter where the associated transaction was deleted.
Fix DEV-1477 Resolved an issue merging organization accounts where the "Email Communication History" from the purged account was not transferred to the main account. 


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