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Note: Screenshots in this guide are from the iOS version of the NeonCRM app. The functionality of the Android app is the same, with minor graphical differences.


The NeonCRM Mobile Apps allow System Users and System Administrators to keep an eye on their NeonCRM data on the go! 

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Find Org ID and Login
The following information is required to login to the NeonCRM app:
  • Org ID
  • System User Name
  • System User Password
  • System User Email

The Org ID is the ID that is used to identify your NeonCRM. You can find this by looking at the URL of your NeonCRM. You can also find your Org ID in NeonCRM by navigating to System Settings> Organization Profile, under the Account Information Section:


Upon logging into the NeonCRM app, you will see the app's Dashboard. This Dashboard displays a snapshot of your donation and account data.
The Recent Activity section displays your most recent donations and accounts that were created in your NeonCRM.
Tip: If you are not seeing the most recent account or donation information in your Dashboard, swipe down to force the app to reload. If you have a large NeonCRM, this information make take a few minutes to display.
The Menu button on the top left allows you to navigate to the Dashboard, Accounts, Activities, or Settings, or to log out of the app.
You can also add accounts or donations by pressing on the + sign at the top right of the Dashboard.

Add Donation
The Donation screen is a mobile-formatted version of the Add Donation page that you normally use in NeonCRM in a web browser.
First, add the donation amount in the Amount field. Afterwards, you can choose an existing NeonCRM account by pressing on the Donor field.
Note: The Donor must already exist in Neon; you cannot create a new account from this screen. If you wish to add a donation to a new account, please create the account first.
You can also choose the Campaign, Fund, Purpose, and Source of this donation.
The toggles at the bottom of the page allow you to make this donation into a monthly Recurring Donation, as well as to send a Donation Appreciation System Email to the donor.
The Payment page allows you to process a credit card via your Gateway.
Choose the Credit Card Type for the donation.
Next, you can manually enter the donor's credit card information, or press "Scan Credit Card" to use your phone's camera to scan it into the app.
You can also enter a Payment Note on the donation.
Finally, press Process Card to finish your donation.

Add Individual / Organization
With the NeonCRM app, you can easily add Individuals and Organizations to your NeonCRM.
To add a new Individual Account, press Add Individual from the + button on the Dashboard.
Enter the First Name and Last Name, which are required.
You can also choose to link the new Individual Account with an existing Organization Account by pressing Choose Organization.
Press Choose Type to select an Individual Type.
To enter additional information about the account, press the empty field under Contact Information.
On the Edit Contact page, you can add phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses.
Press the Done button at the top right of your screen to create your new Individual Account.
To enter a new Organization Account, press Add Organization from the + button on the Dashboard.
Enter the name of the Organization. You can also add an Organization Type, as well as enter a Primary Contact for the Organization Account.
Press the Done button at the top right of your screen to create your new Organization Account.

Searching for accounts is easy. First, press the Menu button on the top left of your screen and press Accounts.
You can scroll through your list of NeonCRM accounts, or search for a specific name.
Press on the name of an account to see more information.
The widget on your account displays a capsule view of this account's Donations, Event Registrations, Store Purchases, and Current Membership data (if applicable). Swipe left or right on this widget to change what transaction information is displayed.
The account's Phone, Email, and Address data is also displayed on this page. To edit an account's contact information, press on the pencil on the top right of your screen.

To view the Activities that have been assigned to you in NeonCRM, press the Menu button, then press Activities.
Once on the Activities page, you can use the search bar to search for a specific Activity that has been assigned to you.
To create a new Activity, press the + sign at the top of the screen.
Enter the subject of the Activity, along with any notes that you wish to enter.
Account allows you to choose the Individual or Organization account that is associated with this Activity.
The Start and End Dates indicate when the Activity is taking place.
Status allow you to select the current status of the Activity.
Priority allows you to select the importance of the Activity.

To access the Settings of the NeonCRM app, press on the Menu button, then select Settings.
Account shows the System User information that was used to login to the app, as well as the Org ID.
Synchronization lets you either manually sync the NeonCRM app, or to automatically synchronize with your NeonCRM on a specific interval (every 1 minute, every 5 minutes, or every 10 minutes).

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