Managing Event Attendees

Managing Attendees as a System User
Editing Attendee Information
Attendee Edits/Additions with Pricing Changes
Removing an Attendee Record
Updating Attendee Fields from the Constituent Login Portal
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Managing Attendees as a System User

Note: This article discusses how to manage attendees within an existing event registration. If you need to remove an entire registration record, please refer to this guide.

After an event registration has been entered, whether by the constituent or by a system user, you may sometimes have to change some attendee information.

  • Add or change attendee names or other data
  • Change pricing on attendees
  • Remove a single attendee record (without cancelling or deleting the entire transaction)

Editing Attendee Information

See the below example event registration. Note that each attendee has a different ticket price, and that only two of them have names.


It sometimes happens, especially in situations where a single registrant might buy a pre-set group of tickets (e.g. a table of 8), that they cannot provide the names of all attendees at the time of registration. If the registrant subsequently provides that information, you can add it by clicking Edit next to the appropriate attendee number:


Start typing in the attendee's name. The system will automatically start looking for matching accounts.


If a matching account is found, select it from the Suggestions list to link it to this attendee record. If there is no match, complete the name and any other information fields manually.

Click Submit to save your changes.


Attendee Edits/Additions with Pricing Changes

Some edits that you might need to make involve changing the overall amount paid for the registration. This could include the following:

  • Adding an attendee
  • Changing the ticket price of an existing attendee
  • Adding/removing paid sessions from an existing attendee record
  • Removing an attendee record (skip to this section)

For example, say that I needed to change the ticket price for Padma Virani in the example above from "Guest" to "Adventurer." I would first click Edit next to her attendee number:


From the Edit page, I can select the correct ticket price from the Event Admission dropdown menu:


When I do this, the Registration Total at the bottom of the page will automatically update to reflect any price difference:


When I click Submit, I receive a warning that the total registration amount no longer matches the amount paid.


Notice that the updated registration now has an overall status of Pending.


Add a payment for the balance due to change the status back to Succeed.




Removing an Attendee Record

It is not possible to cancel only a single attendee in a registration. You can delete an attendee within a registration if one of them did not attend:


This will do the following:

  • The attendee will be removed from the attendee list for this event and any other reports based on this event.
  • There would be no record of the attendee ever having been registered for this event (unless I put it in a note.)
  • The total amount paid for this event will not change. So in the example shown above, if I delete Padma Virani, the Total Registration Amount as well as the Amount Paid would still show as $450.


If you need to delete an attendee and adjust the amount paid in the record, you will need to edit both the total amount due in the Registration (top) section of the record, and the amount paid in the payment section.

See this guide for more details.

The other option would be to leave her registration as is but make sure that she was not marked as Attended:


This would do the following:

  • Retain a record that she was registered for this event but did not attend
  • Retain her on the Attendee List report and any reports based on this event unless I add a criterion for "Is Attended Equal Yes"

Updating Attendee Fields from the Constituent Login Portal

Registrants can edit certain types of data for existing Event Registrations from your Constituent Login Portal. This is useful, for example, when someone registers multiple attendees for an event (e.g., 10 tickets for a gala) but does not know who those 10 people are at the time of registration.

A constituent can log in to their Neon account and update some attendee information on records for which they are the registrant (only the logged-in registrant, not the attendees, have access to this information). A registrant can update the standard attendee fields (i.e., name, email, etc.) and any attendee custom fields for their registered events. This is the only data open to revision. You cannot make any changes to the registration itself, which means that the pricing and session data cannot be modified.

From the What would you like to do? dropdown menu, the constituent can select My Registered Event.

This is a standard menu option. Learn how to configure this dropdown menu here.


From here, the constituent can see their event registration history.

Clicking the Details link for a particular registration will open a pop-up window.

Option 1. Edit Attendee

You are only able to enter standard and custom event attendee fields. You cannot make any changes to the registration itself, which means that the admission fee/ticket prices and sessions cannot be modified.

Option 2. Replace Attendee

If the registrant is an organization account, then Neon will display their organization contacts.

If the registrant is an individual account, then Neon will display their household contacts.

Choose a new contact to replace the current attendee, or click Continue to fill in new attendee information.

When the replacement attendee info is submitted, the event registration detail will update.

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