QuickBooks for Nonprofits 101: Online and Desktop


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Brand new to QuickBooks or have a “mess” to clean up? Hear from the experts at QuickBooks Made Easy — the leading provider of support and training for nonprofits using QuickBooks. You’ll learn:

  • What QuickBooks products are available?
  • Which QuickBooks product is the best for me?
  • Getting around in the Online version
  • Proper Set Up of the Chart of Accounts
  • Where and how to track my programs
  • Where and how to enter my Donors, Members or Students
  • How to enter Budgets
  • Getting Budget to Actual Reports easily
  • QuickBooks and Neon Integration (Eliminate double entry work)
Tip: If you're looking for training and direct assistance with managing your QuickBooks, please contact your NeonCRM account manager to find out more about receiving QuickBooks Made Easy's services.


QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks Desktop:


Slides from the presentation are available here: 

Contents & Additional Resources

  • How to decide between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop (not considering the integration with Neon): if it is important to be able to split your payroll out of your income for programs, QuickBooks Desktop is a better fit.
  • Limit the number of accounts you have. For example, do not have a separate account for each grantor/customer/donor. Additionally, base your accounts around the categories you need to report on with your taxes.
  • Record expenses with "natural categories"- the easily understood categories you will need expenses broken out into. In addition, allow your expense accounts to be easily divided between programs/services and overhead.
  • Enter individual gifts as sales receipts instead of deposits.
  • You should have a product/service for each income account.
  • Video on how to connect QuickBooks with Neon
  • QuickBooks guides in Neon
  • Curious about what's new with QuickBooks? Here's their blog
  • Interested in QuickBooks Made Easy? Check them out here
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