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Come learn from Ryan Woroniecki at DonorSearch, our certified integration partner, how to take the “guesswork out of fundraising.” DonorSearch was founded in 2007 with one goal: to provide more accurate, more comprehensive, more actionable data to help nonprofits of all types achieve better fundraising and outreach results.



Slides from the presentation are available here: DonorSearch Prospect Research.pptx

Contents & Additional Resources

  • What is Prospect Research
    • "Prospect Research- Discovering and evaluating prospective donors, and their interests, relationships, inclination to give, and philanthropic capacity to inform and support an organization's fundraising strategic efforts." - ARPA
    • Use public data to segment your donors and develop fundraising strategy around those segments
  • Myths about Prospect Research
    • Ryan recommends not to dismiss major gifts if your organization is small. The majority of giving in the United States is from individuals. Individuals give almost four times as much as corporations and foundations put together. 
  • Why Major Gifts Matter 
  • Markers of Philanthropy
    • To determine someone's likelihood of donating, consider their philanthropic giving to other organizations, their political gifts, their connections to Foundations & Boards, and, of course, their previous giving history with your organization. 
    • Don't forget negative markers; boat or plane ownership has a negative correlation with philanthropic giving. 
  • Common Questions
    • It's ethical to allow your donors to see the profile you keep on them upon request. Don't add untrustworthy or non-public data to their profile!
  • Looking to use DonorSearch?
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