Release Notes June 3rd, 2017

The June 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Key Issue Type Description
DEV-4658 New Feature

Neon Payment Processing is now available for sign-up to all NeonCRM customers. With Neon Payment Processing, you can access the full details of all payments received, issue full or partial refunds, view balances, and dispute charges all without ever leaving NeonCRM.

*NPP only accepts credit card payments at this time.

DEV-3798 New Feature

Custom Objects: You can now create custom data tables in NeonCRM to store information that does not fit any of the existing standard data types.

A beta version of Custom Objects is now available for all current NeonCRM customers. API documentation is available in the Developer Center.

DEV-4894 Improvement

The new "Transaction History Configuration" system setting gives you more control over the information visible to your logged-in constituents. Any field marked as "Hidden" will not display in the transaction details in the constituent login portal. This is useful for fields that your organization only uses internally.

By default, all custom fields will be set to "Hidden".

DEV-4860 Improvement

You are now able to select the "Send immediately" option when sending campaign emails to audiences of any size.

DEV-4883 Fix Added a time picker to the back-end event registration page. This field will pre-populate with the current time when the page loads and can be changed if it is needed.
DEV-4890 Fix Resolved a display issue causing the payment page to show an incorrect total charge for event registrations where a Coupon Code Discount was applied.
DEV-4849 Fix Resolved an issue where 100% discounted store items appeared in the Unsynced Transactions List for the QuickBooks integration. Any transactions with a $0.00 payment amount will no longer appear in this list.
DEV-4806 Fix Resolved an error accessing a store purchase on an organization account if the order was submitted by the constituent when the organization version of the form was hidden.
DEV-4807 Fix Resolved an error exporting the Event List page if an event name contained a curly quote.
DEV-4659 Fix Resolved an issue that caused imported donations to create duplicate accounts for the first account listed in the spreadsheet. This would happen when importing accounts and donations in the same import with the option "Only the first row contains donation data AND contact information while each additional row(s) contains only the donation data" selected.

Importing accounts and donations with this option selected will no longer create duplicate accounts and will append the donations to the correct account(s).
DEV-4798 Fix Resolved an issue that would create two declined donations in the same shopping cart. This would happen if there were two recurring schedules with the same Next Payment Date and one of the schedules had an expired card.
DEV-4892 Fix Resolved an issue when viewing a Campaign Letter where the "Preview and Print" option would not display the letters in the sort order that was defined on the Campaign Letter Details page.
DEV-4810 Fix Resolved an issue where a 1 year term was created on a membership level in system settings when importing membership records. 
DEV-4936 Fix Resolved an issue where accounts would not display on the "Membership Directory" when viewing the directory the day the membership expired.
DEV-4802 Fix Resolved an issue where Custom Fields with the data type of "Integer" or "Float" were exported to Excel as text.
DEV-4891 Fix Resolved an issue with the Member Report where the Membership Amount Paid" & "Discount Dollar Amount" output columns did not accurately reflect any Membership Fee Discounts applied to that that transaction.
DEV-4811 Fix Resolved an issue where new custom field values/options created via the Import Manager were not available in reports. 
DEV-4863 Fix Resolved an issue where System Users without System Settings permissions could still edit membership types through the "view setting" link on complimentary/inactive membership records.
DEV-4832 Fix Resolved an issue where the "Account Name" search filter on the "All Accounts" page would not produce results when searching for an account's full name. 
DEV-4815 Fix Resolved an issue where the "To Do" list on the Admin Dashboard did not display on iPads.
DEV-4803 Fix Resolved an issue where the Expired Member Report would return 0 results when using an Individual Custom Field as a search criteria.
DEV-4841 Fix Resolved an issue where the shopping cart icon was missing from the storefront home page if the store settings were configured to "List products grouped by product types". 
DEV-4797 Fix Resolved an issue where when multiple Custom Survey Fields that had blank labels would cause a vague error message. Clarity has been added to this error message to better communicate the issue.
DEV-4842 Fix Resolved an issue where when, after searching for a specific Product Category/Type, the results would reset when changing the pagination of the page.
DEV-4801 Fix Resolved an issue with the Batch Donation utility where Neon would not auto-populate the Purpose and Fund associated with the selected Campaign.
DEV-4780 Fix Resolved an issue with the Household Report where the "Household?" column was blank after changing the "Household Address" to use a different contact. 
DEV-4961 Fix Resolved two issues with recurring donations. Recurring donations will no longer be set to "Inactive" after retrying a declined payment, and "Inactive" recurring donation schedules now display under the "Donations" section of a NeonCRM account page. 
DEV-4948 Fix Resolved an issue where MailChimp communication history would not display on a NeonCRM account record if there were more than one email address on the account.
DEV-4812 Fix System Users will now display in alphabetical order when assigning them to a Volunteer Project.
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