Growing your Membership Program in a Changing Environment


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Join Jennifer Cauhorn, the Executive Director of Handbell Musicians of America, to discuss membership trends — we’ll learn how they’ve changed their program and benefits to meet the needs of their members. Plus, how they use NeonCRM’s communication and membership tools to encourage renewals!



Slides from the presentation are available here: Membership Trends.pdf

Contents & Additional Resources

  • What is a membership in Neon? How is it different from a recurring donation? Check out this guide. 
  • Trends and changes for the Handbell Musicians of America's membership program 
    • When membership is declining, how do you know what people want? They used this carefully-crafted survey: HMA Member Survey.pdf
    • Members' preferred benefits: the printed Journal & event attendance
    • Members' ignored benefits: local lending libraries
  • Enabling member-only benefits on your website
  • Restructuring memberships? Jennifer Cauhorn warns that sub-members can feel ignored. Consider moving toward a individual-based membership or specifically targeting messaging at your sub-members. 
  • How do you encourage your members to stay?
    • The Handbell Musicians of America reach out to their expiring membership at a national level using a mix of paper and digital messages before transferring responsibility to the local leader. For more specific information, check out their Renewal Timeline: RenewalTimeline-AreaLists.pdf
    • See the Area Member List Time Line within the Membership Chair Handbook: Membership Chair Handbook.pdf
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