Release Notes May 6th, 2017

The May 2017 release included various fixes and improvements to NeonCRM. The "Issue Type" column tells you if the change was an improvement to an existing feature, a fix applied to an existing functionality, or a completely new feature. Most items listed below are either improvements or fixes to a feature or area in Neon that previously needed some attention.

Issue Type Key Description
New Feature DEV-4879 A "Help" widget now appears in the bottom corner of all back-end pages, giving System Users quick access to search for knowledge base articles without leaving NeonCRM. 
Improvement DEV-4845 Store Products now have support for the following downloadable file types: .mov, .mp4, .avi, .wmv.
Improvement DEV-4743 System Admins are now able to connect NeonCRM to their Paypal Standard account from System Settings.
Improvement DEV-4571 The Import Manager now supports dates in "MM/DD/YYYY" and "MM-DD-YYYY" formats.
Improvement DEV-4378

Encouraged Log In has been redesigned with more options for customization. You can now choose which forms use Encouraged Log In, including all standard and custom forms, and add custom header/footer text. 

In addition, the encouraged login form now appears as a window overlaying the main form, instead of as a separate page.

Fix DEV-4895 Resolved an error importing account and transaction data with a spreadsheet containing "Individual Types" that do not exist in NeonCRM.
Fix DEV-4875 Resolved an issue where "NeonCRM Standard Version" was showing as the Default Version name for Membership Due and Membership Overdue System Emails on the System Emails main page, even when an alternate version was set as default.
Fix DEV-4872 Duplicate accounts linked to the same household or organization will now only be available to merge when using the "Find Duplicates" button from a Neon account page. Related accounts will NOT appear in the Duplicate Scan results found under Reports > Duplicate Manager.
Fix DEV-4848 Resolved an issue where the "Total # of Members" displayed in the Membership Home/Dashboard table was different from the number in the Member Report. The dashboard totals now match the number of results in the linked quick reports. 
Fix DEV-4840 Resolved an issue that prevented users from linking individual accounts as contacts on any organization accounts where the "Company Name" contained an apostrophe.
Fix DEV-4835 Resolved an issue where memberships that had a status of "Deferred", "Pending", or "Cancelled" were appearing on the Membership Directory.
Fix DEV-4804 Social Media Icons will now appear on the Campaign Thermometer Widget when the code snippet is embedded on an external web page.
Fix DEV-4782 Resolved an issue where after clicking the link to a public-access saved report in a restricted-access page, the constituent was logged out when trying to access another page in the constituent login portal.
Fix DEV-4779 Resolved an issue where marking accounts as Not Duplicates did not work if one of the matched accounts was an organization account converted to an individual account.
Fix DEV-4770 The Member Report now accurately calculates the total for the "Membership Cost" column.
Fix DEV-4761 Resolved an issue where the "Bulk Operation" button appeared on standard reports if a Bulk Operation was initiated but then abandoned before completion.
Fix DEV-4760 Resolved an issue where the Google Maps icon still appeared in organization accounts after clearing address data through an Account Batch Update.
Fix DEV-4756 Resolved an issue where "Website" (URL) field for Organization Account records would not update when batch updating accounts.
Fix DEV-4754 Resolved an error using the "Calculate" button when adding a lifetime membership term for a sub-member.
Fix DEV-4741 Resolved an issue where the PayPal Standard button still appeared on front end forms when the PayPal tender type was set to "Inactive".
Fix DEV-4739 The "Membership Cost" column now outputs an accurate total when running member reports that use multiple or exclusionary search groups
Fix DEV-4738 Event Registration Forms will now become invalid at the specified registration close date & time.
Fix DEV-4714 The available values for the "Contact Type" search criteria and output column in the All Accounts Report are now correct. These include: Organization, Organization Contact, Organization Primary Contact, Household Contact, Primary Household Contact, and Individual. 
Fix DEV-4686 Resolved an issue where the "Price" search filter was not working as intended on the front-end "Event Listing Page" for events with multiple ticket prices.
Fix DEV-4680 Multi-value Event Custom Fields without any visible options will no longer cause an error when used on event forms. 
Fix DEV-4583 Resolved an issue where emails sent from MailChimp to a segment of a list pushed from NeonCRM would create a record in the MailChimp Email Communication History of every account on the main list, including those not in the segment.
Fix DEV-4867 System Users will see an alert message when attempting to upload a file to a note if your NeonCRM Document Center storage limit has been reached.


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